Terraria players?

So a long time ago, I got terraria on mobile. Beat it easy.

I then got terraria on pc, and realized it was X500 times better…


I opened back up recently and started a no cheats run. It’s going good… (if you don’t count the 10 times i tried a hardcore character, died, ressurected it via file editing, and died again. Then going softcore)

So uh yea…

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I love Terraria. I had to delete it on my phone for space reasons, but I’m thinking of buying it for my PC maybe for Christmas.

I never finished the game (or as close as you can get for mobile), but I did get up to the Terra Blade. I never got around to beating the Golem though.

The game to me is so great because it’s so versatile. There’s actual viable options for rarer classes like summoner which I think is fantastic. It’s so much better than Minecraft or any of the similar games.

PC has WAYYYY more content dude. Summoner is way better, lots more mobs, items, and bossess. (Moon lord is crazy!) Plus, world sizes are way bigger. I think the largest world on mobile is the smallest world on pc.

Also, I heard that all development on mobile has been halted, so there won’t be a day where all pc stuff gets ported over.

PC is the favorite child, no doubt about that. Mobile and console really don’t compare at all. I’ve seen gameplay of PC and it looks so much better. All the items alone are amazing, and then there’s the bosses and events…