Teaser: Celeste on Ice?


why not :eyes: i think it could be quite likely imagine a snowflake gauntlet


A skin like that is wasteful on him. Give it to lorelai or lyra. Or snow princess malene


Night’s King Ardan? :eyes:


Hey gotta have the matching set for the family. They can still get winter skins of their own, lorelai deserves a great skin thats long overdue by now for sure


Same though Ozo and got an epic one.


snow man ardan where he has a full snowman body/head with the buttons black things, carrot, and one arm is a stick and the other is just his BEEFY ARM


Olaf ardan

30 characters…


yeah totally


Lmaooooooooo stop. I can’t. This is so funny


and quite frankly we should be!
She looks so good, I want the splashart so badly :celestelove:


In fact, there was already a thread about her.


Checking latest threads is for losers I appreciate Celeste where I want


I only use my supermodpowers for good, not evil.


So basically Varya but with Celeste’s kit… Sounds like a bug.


Or Santas elf Arden?:wink:


Just realized that her As look like mini vaing crystals from 3v3