Teaser: Celeste on Ice?


Exactly… smec took effort for lyra. :cry:


For the model yes, sadly those skins doesn’t have ability changes.


It doesn’t matter. Splash art of lyra is all i need


“Greetings Traveler”
Omg, FLJ…hah! She is weak sauce compared to DK Rexxar!

Celeste on ice…I think it’d be cool if her basic shot icicles into the chests of her enemies!


Probably the Blue one imo. I don’t like the colour combination on the green one, and the red just isn’t me. It’s that shade plus the horns that does it. I really like the blue and gold, and the deer horns are cool.


Great. Another Celeste skin that I can never get the Blueprint of.


I want a ice mage put in word at HQ


Tier 2 Reim is kind of pissed at you.


It’s TIER 2 Reim, dumbass. And don’t think I didn’t see that you edited your post.


Wish the in game model actually looked like that, it’s so cool


arent all reim except tier 3 an ice mage :eyes:


tier 3 Reim in game look so bad tho


and here you go


Seems amazing, I hope it’s legendary SE.


Welp, that’s a must buy, as Celeste remains my true (Vainglory) love.


Just imagine the animations, as someone who loves everything related to ice :heart_eyes:


She looks like a different hero…both saddening and amazing at the same time.


coincidence? I think not image


Think Ardan would get a snow skin too?



30 character is annoying