Teaser: Celeste on Ice?


how is it a sneak peek if they don’t show anything but Vox, this is more like a teaser. Whoever in charge of their media need to use better verbiage.

And here is his sister


Snowflake Heliogenesis- I call it first smh

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Snowflakes are more likely, but I’d much prefer really sharp, reflective, angled ice crystals, that shatter on supernova.

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Celeste on Ice, now with 3 assorted recolors!

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Hoping for something more kickass – more like Jaina than Elsa …

Bonus: the best Jaina cosplay I’ve ever seen


little snowmen and you can here their screams as they are dragged into the netherworld upon supernova


Hopefully, I like the recoulors because it brings more personality and player choice, and allows them to give different content to battle pass completes and such.

The princess Lyra skin series was the best though. Really like those.

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Not really a huge fan of the recolors (except Sprinkler Skaarf) just because I feel like it “reduces the skin’s value” but I don’t really care at this point.

The Lyra series was really nice though I have to agree. Probably because they weren’t just mere recolors, they also had modified in-game models and “separate” splash arts.


This is important, which princess lyra skin is the best?

Pretty much trying to decide how much value you have as a person.

The full body covered one…others look meh

Goddess Lyra (or whatever the peach-red one is called)


if my answer is “the one that shows cleavage”, what’s my value as a person then?

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like a B tier person, maybe not crazy meta right now, but certainly has good use scenarios .

the best lyra skin is the one with the blue dress because it has the nicest colour to go with her missiles and the best hairdo

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I still prefer dear diary any day

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i was tlaking about moon skins, my favouirite overall is default

Those Lyra skins weren’t completely recolours, and I actually like them. What I hate are the cheap recolours (krul, skaarf).


this is secretly a sneak peek at celeste being deleted feom the game, thats why vox is looking around for her and shes nowhere to be seen in the sneak peek


I know but just stating my fav.