Teams Qualified For 2020 LoL Esports World Championship

So as we all know September 25th is the League of Legends World Championship and all the major regions from NA,EU,KR and China have their playoffs going on but I can’t wait to discuss the confirmed and potential teams we will get to see at Worlds2020!
Starting with NA: FlyQuest and Team Liquid have sealed their berth. Who do you think will join them? Imo it’ll probably be C9 as they just need to beat the winners of TSM and Golden Guardians.
EU: Rogue and G2 Esports are IN. With 2 more spots remaining, if Fnatic beat Rogue, Fnatic are in.
MAD qualify if RGE win vs Fnatic or MAD win against S04 next Friday. FNC qualify if they win tomorrow or if they win against S04 next Friday. S04 qualify if they win against FNC/MAD - depending on Rogue vs Fnatic.
Crazy! I want Schalke Miracle Run!
KR: NOBODY is locked in yet. There are many scenarios but first lets look at T1 since T1 are a worlds staple and ofc Faker . According to an Indian esports news article, these are the scenarios in summary: T1 need to reach 3rd or win Regionals or end up 4th and Gen.G win Summer apart from few complications that will make it difficult.
It is sad that one among DWG, DRX, Gen.G and T1 will miss worlds as only China and EU have 4 places at worlds, while NA and KR have 3 each.
China: TES are on a rampage and have qualified for worlds 2020 along with JDG. One among IG and FPX are sure to miss worlds. Who do you think will join these teams at worlds? I’m super hyped! :o

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Welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

I’m so hyped for :lol_worlds: I can barely stand it!

:lol_logo_lcs2: agree that C9 are likely to qualify
:lol_logo_lec: Fnatic are in as a result of their win today!
:lol_logo_lck: looking for T1 & DWG to make it, not sure about the third team
:lol_logo_lpl: I think IG is playing better than FPX, so I’ll pick them

Thanks! Yeah amazing times ahead for League fans. Also Imo T1 will miss out :3 But that could be me hoping that i’m jinxing them to qualify xD

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Yeah, not too sure about T1, as I wasn’t exactly impressed with their teamwork during the matches I watched this season. But Faker is still Faker, so I guess we’ll see!

:lol_fpx: are out!!! (I was right about :lol_ig: ! :sunglasses:)

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:lol_g2: fall to :lol_fnatic: !!! :exploding_head:

G2 … smh :man_facepalming:

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What an amazing series! :smiley: Though G2 are still favourites to win LEC imo.

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I HOPE G2 win in the end, but they continue to make costly mistakes at very inopportune times (see Game 2 today). Fnatic, on the other hand, were on :fire: … mad props to them for a fabulous series!

C9 out, TSM in!

The Worlds situation (not including the LPL) as of 2020-08-30T09:00:00Z

Gotta say, I love the LPL set … really spectacular :star_struck:

RIP :lol_ig:

I wanted to just type F and leave it but post must be 30 characters xD

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DWG looks pretty scary …

We need a thread for worlds 2020 0.0

Your wish is my command …

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PSA: :lol_logo_lec: championship pre-show is totally off the rails this morning :rofl:

No T1 at Worlds this year … sorry, Faker :worried: