Teamfighting as melee hero


Wanted to ask more experienced melee hero users how do you teamfight lategame?

I dont know what to do. Should i dive, stay back and kill divers? Wait for ranged heroes to thin out enemies? If enemy has cc like celeste and catherine is diving out of option in soloq? ( unlikely get supported by support).


I play Melee heroes in 3v3 and 5v5 , I usually test my teammates and enemy from early to mid game to prepare myself to the late game , if I see the carry in the same page I usually go in (no fear just fight) , but if my team bad then I would avoid fighting and wait them engage or do something else like taking turret or kraken/dragon .


So in a way its team dependent whether to fight or splitpush. Ok. I should be doing a lot more splitpushing i guess. :blush:


Hehehe you getting bad teammates , that’s why I play 3v3 because I have less options , in 5v5 you could do a lot of things enemy not expecting , so if you love Melee heroes and good fights then 3v3 is your friend .


Well Ive fully understands that the typical SM BP bullcrap wont work as viable as it used to be.

That said, I totally stopped buying it and built/focused on a more slash and dash type of build.

I usually use the bonus damage from Feint of Heart along with the boost from Tension Bow go dive onto a carry and run out before being CC chained by the enemy team.

Its just now a fact that sustain isnt as good as it used to be on a melee hero as it would be on a ranged so I personally adapted on how to counter that as a BF player.


Melee teamfight flowchart
Are you Ardan?
Yes > The game should have ended before any teamfights
No > Next question
Do you have one or less damage items?
Yes > ‘Peel’ for your carries as in, get one guy to do all your sustains damage and throw all your burst onto their sustain
No > Next question
Are you Anka/Kensei?
Yes > Welcome to late game blow people up lol
No > You don’t teamfight


Thx people for useful replies. So early game ganking if possible, mid game i negate enemy sustain through my burst and late game unless im kensei in and out playstyle or splitpush.

So bleackfeather does enough damage with sorrowblade and tesnion bow. I ll certainly go for it. Always thought like atleast 2 beafy wp items are neccesary.
Risechu one question what about double defense on bf ? Is it a mistake to buy it?


You most definitely should not be split pushing and instead fighting lategame. Otherwise you’re screwing your team over. If you’re Kensei you’d be able to carry though.


Well yeah. I justt dive at enemy all in style in late game right now and thas not the best tactic so i think i have to be more slash and dash as risechu said. Splitpush if possible i guess or if enemy too strong.


It all depends on the hero. Most melees have more supportive roles by late game.


If you fall behind in cs and if the enemy laner has more items than you, It would be wise to get defense since you would be prone to die-ing quickly.

Its better to survive then to feed the enemy kills in your attempt to get more atk items.


Agree, the only exception if your team engage (either by stupidity for not waiting for you or forced by the enemy team) and you are on the other end of the map, i.e. no time to arrive at all (or arrive when for example 1 of your teammates is 10hp vs 4 enemy players that will blow you up instantly). Then it’s ok to split push 1-2 turrets. Then again, you should be with them and if not they should avoid fight in all cost while you are getting there.


Not saying there’s no way split pushing is good. But 99% of the time when someone splitpushes lategame they either have good engage and attack 5v4 or they kill the split pusher and in both cases collapse on a dragon right after.

I hate so much when bot and jungle camp bot lane and push the entire game. Like 22 minutes in they keep pushing. You legit have to 3v5 and they think they’re doing work because they pushed 2 or 3 turrets… Recently I’ve had quite a few games as support or support jungler having the same damage as my bot. I don’t know how one could get to t10 by not being able to outdamage a support as ADC.


I had quite a lot of t10 games in which I as full utility support end up with the heighest dmg in my team. Mind you - quite a lot of games and not like I was dedicated at dmg dealing (not like the not a single dmg item didn’t hint that). You can create an image how “good” my teammates were + I exclude one sided games vs pros or full party lf vg silvers etc.


Note that I only play 3v3

In early tiers (1-7) I find that’s a head-on rush is the best policy.
Roams don’t know wtf they’re doing, and as long as your carry knows what an auto attack is, you should be fine.

When you do this, you’re essentially breaking the enemy’s backline, so their attention is focused on you, which is great if your carry sucks at kiting, and it also makes them panic. I’ve seen tons of people who panic and blow all their resources.

Obviously, it’s bad to run in a straight line at people, so you wanna move in a slightly zig-zaggy pattern to make it hard to hit you, or pop boots and run at the from a side. Do this before the enemy laner gets full stacks of BP on your roam who thinks they’re doing you a favour by tanking those autos, and preferably catch people by surprise.

If you’re an auto reliant melee champ, do not get hit by the Atlas Pauldron, or you’re gonna be in for a bad time. If your laner knows what they’re doing and wants to stack their BP or Dragon’s Eye (without giving enemy any stacks), let them do so and hang back a bit. If your team isn’t the type to get caught out, you could also try sneaking up from behind the enemy team and have your carry come in after you have their attention.

If you’re playing the melee champion as a laner (such as BF or Glaive) and your jungler is melee too, I find that it seems quite difficult to lose. Buy some defensive items, wait out the difficult early game and then you stick to the enemy carry like glue.


Every melee hero is different.

If you’re Blackfeather, then you should use your 9 range poke and work the fringes of the fight until an opportunity arises. You don’t want to dive against enemy tanks and control, but if you see a glass-cannon sniper hanging out a bit and the enemy captain just used their CC, then go for it. If you can single out an enemy then stick to them, but if they aren’t alone then don’t chase so far that you can’t quickly get back to your team. Make a lot of false dives where you quickly run back out, so the one where you finish someone off is a surprise.

Generally, mobile melees need to do a lot of hit and run. Don’t just hang back, but also don’t try to stick in fights when your team is not ready to all dive in with you. “Feint” not “dive”. Sometimes when you feint, you’ll see that most enemies are ignoring you, or your team all moved to push with you, so that’s when you might dive. But start your move as a feint, and then make it a serious attack if the conditions are right.


My general advice is to let the team fight start. Let a few abilities be used by the enemy, then dive into the fray, either backdooring a weakened enemy carry or helping the front line push and hack away at an out of position/over aggressive captains/junglers.


Thank you all for helpful advices. Although i still have to practice my stuttersteping and reflexes. People escape me or kill me because im too slow or miss skillshots. :blush: Happy new year!


Here is the best advice I can give: if you’re facing ranged heroes be patient. Stick with a buddy. As melee your whole purpose is to gank as quickly as possible and get outta there, unless ur defense melee in which case your purpose is to soak up ranged damage until you can get the gank. Do not dive unless you have ranged backup if you can avoid it, or unless you have cc. The best meleers are more the type to pick people off rather than go at an enemy full health. This is coming from someone who can mid a cp phinn to success. As melee you really gotta choose your positioning really well and again, try not to go it alone unless you have to! It helps ur team way more when you are patient enough to wait for backup as melee because competent ranged heroes are always gonna own you by design if you dive too early or too late.