Teamfight Tactics is coming to iOS and Android mid-March, supporting cross-platform play

Fun times ahead


My daughter is addicted to TFT … pretty sure that once it’s on mobile, she’ll NEVER stop playing it :man_facepalming:


Release date for TFT on mobile is confirmed as 2020-03-19T05:00:00Z!

Oh is this a Tactical RPG kinda game?

Auto chess in LoL universe, similar to Dota Underlords

The iOS version is now available in the US App Store. I’m kind of shocked that in 2020, it doesn’t support iPad resolutions. :unamused: I haven’t played a match on mobile yet, but the client could use a little more work, imo – it’s very bare bones, and some of the interface elements are a little wonky.

Still dont see it… Maybe only for ipads rn?

Nope, I have it on my phone as well. Weird.

BTW, the UI seems slightly less wonky on the iPhone. Maybe because on the iPad, I have to blow up the screen to 2x to get it to fill the display. :man_facepalming: (Hey, Riot – the iPad was introduced in 2010 …)

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Actually I found the page through a link. Searching TFT or Teamfight Tactics pulled up everything besides what I was looking for :expressionless:

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I cant wait for the convos like

Hazel: “Its time to gather around the table to eat”

MiniHazel: “Okay, Just give me a minute”

30 minutes later

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It’s like you have a camera at my house … :rofl: