[Team][T9S+]Flawless VI Recruiting

With the release of Vainglory’s newest mode, 5v5, our team, led by dinesh2908, has decided to recruit 2 new Laners(Jungler class flexibility is encouraged) with the following minimum requirements:
•At least POA Silver this season (Winter 17-18)
•Access to voice chat on the Discord app
•Able to communicate with the English Language
•Relatively free schedule
•Mature and able to keep calm in game and under pressure
•The account applying for the team is your main.

Current Team Members

-dinesh2908 (Captain,Leader)
-ZERO13(Jungler)[Pending Return]
-IncinerateZ (Laner,Mid,Bot)
-Pozly (Jungler)

If you are interested and meet the requirements listed above, please leave your IGN and discord ID, thank you.


Update: a new slot for laners is open.

Altho i do meet the requirements ie i was t9 silver this season, now i m in hotness gold xD
If that fine, id love to join.

@slothslayerlawl Your role? I believe you are already in my friends list so I will organize a test with the leader.

top or bot lane mostly. A test :open_mouth:

Please leave your discord tag, thanks.

slothslayerlawl#0232 is my discord tag

I was t9 last season. Didn’t rank this season.
I play jungle, bot, top or mid.
Discord is Lies#9180 if you wanna accept me.

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Bump: We are currently recruiting for A Laner(5v5) and a flexible sub (lane/jungle) for an upcoming tournament, thanks :).

I’d like to join your team.
I’m a T9 player but T10 last season haven’t ranked much this season due to trolls in ranked.
Would love to be a part of a good active team.
I mainly play Bot and Mid lane can flex to jungle and top easily.
My IGN : ExperT and my discord tag :ExperT#1408.

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Current Team Members

-dinesh2908 (Captain,Leader)
-IncinerateZ (Laner)

I cant edit my post; basically now we need a new Laner and Jungler; requirements applies.

Jungler here. T9S right now. Discord tag is Tsumi#0110, IGN is Tsumibit0.

Apparantly you’ve played with a couple of our other team members before lel. Anyways, what was your 3v3 rank before the season reset? I assume it was around SA silver?

I think it was SA Silver yeah. Highest is PoA Bronze in 3v3 though I went quite a while without playing ranked due to phone issues.



The team is still recruiting untill stated otherwise. The requirement is POA Silver on 3v3 .