Team family matters

Now that I am in team daddy I have thought of a great comp for team daddy. Reza and Ardan are the daddies while Samuel, Vox, and Celeste are the children. Sam can probably go top, Celeste can go mid, and Vox can go bot. The team seems a bit CP heavy, so maybe SAM can go WP and Reza can jungle with big daddy Ardan as the support. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!


I really wanted to be in Thicc Gwen group…

But RNG put me with this guy.

Comrades! Let’s do this!

Btw did they announce what the rewards are?

I don’t think they did announce the prizes

Winning side gets an unowned skin. Losing side gets a blueprint. (Doesn’t say it is an unowned blueprint, but one would hope so.)

We need to destroy team thicc then

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We’re too thicc to be destroyed though


Team zettai ryōiki*

30 characters

we can have allll the thiccs like gwen koshka rona alpha uuuh lorelai catherine and sp kestrel hah 5v7 up your game team father

Wealso have Lyra and technically Fort cause she is Rona’s pet, so he has a family. Heccing reeee

Y’all can’t beat that booty on Gwen with your family bonds, sorry folks

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Team booty bae :triumph: das ist gut

Gwen comes onto the rise and team daddy is like hot damn… You should use all Horny characters. Reza, Adagio, Lyra, Petal, Rona… All of those have objects sticking out of their heads. Aka horny…