Tea Party Chest... is it worth it?

250 ice for a 5% chance at unlocking the Tea Party Petal skin and a “secret bonus” if you unlock the skin Before May 2nd at 5PM PST which gives you access to an exclusive epic mystery key bundle offer…

Does this sound worth it to everyone? I can’t imagine this being a good deal or opportunity.

I personally would just buy the skin if I had interest in playing petal. Though some enjoy the chests

just buy the skin or go with battle pass
it’s a better way to spend ice


FYI the secret reward is the price of two mystery keys for three. Yes it was super lame. I personally liked the skin a lot and didn’t want to wait so I went for the rng got it on like my 10th or so try. But if you got enough ice for a legendary then I would wait but I didn’t at the time so I took my chances.

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No chest in this game is worthy. Just a 5%? Don’t risk it, if you have enough ice, wait.

dont buy the chests. they are only somewhat ok as an extra to your ice buy.
btw, they heavilly nerfed the rng chest for their skins. the bp chests are 50 ice more and contain a lower chance at actual good stuff than the rare chests