Taliyah - The Stoneweaver

“Taliyah” by YanaBau

Just wanted to start a little thread for one of my very favorite champs, who doesn’t get nearly the love from Riot that she deserves. (2 skins? Really? :unamused: I’m not counting the SSG one, since wasn’t picked by Riot but by the Samsung team when they won Worlds. )

I just love everything about this young mage: her back story, her character model, her animations, her voice lines, and her abilities. She’s just so much fun to play, and she’s deadly:

Learn more about Taliyah :point_down:


If you don’t follow Legends of Runeterra news, you might have missed this: Riot introduced a new expansion featuring champions from Shurima, including Taliyah. Unfortunately, Riot stepped right into it by releasing artwork that showed Taliyah with lighter skin than she has in League:

Her card art doesn’t look anything like her League character either:

Finally, the voice actor that they used does NOT sound like Taliyah:

Now, the good news is that Riot heard the complaints (which were loud and numerous), and they announced that they were going to both rework Taliyah’s art AND recast her voice actress:

While it doesn’t excuse the original boneheaded decision making, I think the speed and breadth of Riot’s response is pretty admirable.


They’ve updated Taliyah’s art for LoR!

Looking forward to hearing her updated voice as well!

Love love love Taliyah’s new Pool Party art for LoR!!!

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HOLY! Its so pretty, gonna use it as my background now :flushed:

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Just updated it with a higher res version :sunglasses:

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Here are both of her new Pool Party splashes in full resolution: