Talents Stats - A Compilation


Well, this took a while, but it’s finally done!

Here is a Google Docs containing almost all the Talent stats in Vainglory.

UPDATE (29/09/2018): Added Yates and revamped the cost section.


Here you go.
At talents you can check them out even if you don’t own them


I’m sorry, but that’s not what I wanted. No matter though, I’ve already received help for that.

Just for explanation sake, what I meant was that a Talent has to be levelled up to level 2 or have enough coins to be levelled up.

This will enable me to check what are the stats increase from one level to another.

I did state “It only has to be above level one or has enough coins to show the stats gained per level.”

Anyway, thank you for trying!


Should probably be moved to resources, this is insanely helpful.


Ok, how do I do that?

I assume contact a moderator for such action?


Yes, or you might be able to edit the location in your post. I think Regulars can also move threads, but don’t quote me on that.


Doesn’t seem like it. I’ll redo the post there and delete this one later.


Hmm… it seems like I can’t post in the Text Resource section. Oh well, I guess this will just get buried away.

I will keep it up to date as best as I can I suppose.


Moved to Useful Resources. This is a neat tool, thank you.


Updated to 3.7.

  • Yates section added.
  • Revamped the cost section for better clarity.