Talents are not balanced in Battle Royale

Water is wet.

Generally, heroes and heroes with Talents between a 40% and 60% win rate can be considered balanced. By the way, that means that Ardan’s Epic is balanced in Blitz, with a 50% win rate.

The top plot shows the distribution of Blitz Talents, the bottom plot is for Battle Royale. As you can see, there are currently 11 outliers for Battle Royale and 1 for Blitz. If you play an Idris Rare, Tony Epic or SAW Rare, you are almost guaranteed (68-72% win rate) to win. Between 55% and 60% win rate, there are also more Talents than in Blitz.
You will gain a significant advantage if you dodge Battle Royale matches during the event and invest some Glory!

The statistics can be seen on https://brokentalents.fun/#/?mode=casual_aral&lowPickrate=true.


Talents were never balanced in any mode.


Brilliant, as usual, Mr. Snow Fox! :clap:

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Water is wet. But the molecules are not lel

talents is never balanced
it ruins “once glorious brawl mode”
and the main reason people left brawl mode (and vg)
it contributes to brawl mode downfall (and vg’s decline)


As you can see in the data for Blitz, on average, most Talents are balanced.
SEMC needs to put more effort into balancing the scaling though! If Talents were at 40-45% win rates after unlocking and 55-60% win rates for maximum levels, they would allow progression while still being fair.
Judging from the nerfs in the recent past it appears that SEMC is not putting any effort into Talent balance and relies only on community feedback and not on data.

Our lord Nibmett did the balance changes for the talents for this update, mainly because those few talents were just too cancerous. But Sonata is in charge of balancing talents so #blamesonata


Samuel legendary is disgusting in BR.

He’s pretty much immortal

The best part is that in BR talents aren’t the only thing toxic, Lyra is too…

Have you seen his Rare though? Every basic attack can heal him for 600-700 health at high levels :joy:

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Every 2s, which is funny, you have to engage, dont allow.him to siege.