Talent Quest Chest?

So you know the talent chest that’s in your quest list everyday… you normally get rare talents, maybe sometimes epic talents. But what about legendary talents? Today I opened one and got 2x Skye’s legendary talent. What is the chance to get a legendary talent out of a daily talent quest?

I’ve gotten a couple of legendary talents that way (Celeste’s comes to mind, but I know there was at least one other). I hate talents, but ngl, I was kind of excited to get them. Lol.


I got legendary talents for all 5 characters I played as in that chest so I have like 94 talents in all and haven’t dropped a cent on them. I have lvl 11-14 or lv 3-4 or lv 2 respectively for the talents that I like. I’m not too sure why people say they are PTW and the chances of getting a legendary out of those chests aren’t that low i feel, picked up my 3rd legendary talent from Kensei just yesterday.