Take an existing hero, and make them a new ability kit

Title. I’m interested to see what people could come up with. You don’t necessarily have to include numbers, but it’d be an added benefit if you could.

Edit: I figured this was the best place for this, though I’m beginning to think this also belongs in off-topic.

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I think this is a good place for it - could you give an example of what you are thinking of - might help inspire people.

Ability A- Delete Self: Remove this trash from the game.
Ability B- Activate Ability A
Ult- Activate Ability A



Heroic Perk:Grim Reaper When a nearby enemy is killed, their souls appear on the dead body. Baptiste can walk over these souls to temperarily gain a speed boost, gain health, gain mana, and permanently increase his lifesteal by 1%.

A: Claim Baptiste extends his scythe, and pulls it toward him, pulling all enemies in a short area in front of him to him, dealing light crystal damage. Enemies affected by No Escape bleed for 5 seconds, and gain a mortal wound. Enemies killed by this do not drop souls, but instead increase his max health by 1% of his base health.

B:Massacre Baptiste spins, dealing damage to enemies around him in a medium radius. He heals and gains movement speed for each enemy hit. Enemies killed by Massacre drop two souls instead of one.

Ult:Reap Baptiste locks on to a target enemy, channels, and begins draining their health, dealing heavy crystal damage and 5% of their missing health as true damage per second for 5 seconds. Baptiste heals for 75% of the damage dealt.

I was really pissed when they released Baptiste, because they gave him a really cool weapon (the scythe) and his abilities had no use for it. So… yea.


Damn, this is solid. 100% the kind of post I was hoping to see. Extremely creative. I love Baptiste, I can immediately imagine the fun and utility of this kit you’ve made, and now I wish I could use it.

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Idris a new perk.
His current divergent paths will remain a passive on his A skill.

Idris loses the ability Shroudstep, it becomes shroudfade instead. When activating shroudfade you make 2 shroud copies of yourself (real one only visible through vision). Idris selects the location he wants to move to and via a random algorithm 2 copies are placed near him. Two to his right/two to his left/one on each side.

The second cast of this skill melts all copies back into 1 Idris and he regains 15% HP and focus per copy melted back.

Shroudfaded copies have 20%of Idris hp.

So he keeps the teleport loses the barrier but gains shadow copies to tank enemy hits and make Chakram more potent. (Chakram will have 3 casts and a returning chakram per shroudfaded Idris)

So… Zed from LoL? Huh. It would be a good concept, but it would make his epic talent disgustingly op. Nine chakrams?

Passive: Actually Trying
Adagio actually attempts to win, unleashing his full power
A: Rain of Death
Adagio showers the Halcyon Fold with meteors, destroying all enemy structures including the Vain
B: Gift of the Inferno
Adagio sets the Halcyon Fold ablaze, destroying all enemy structures including the Vain
C: Verse of the Seraphim
Casts a spell which destroys the Halcyon Fold’s source code, making Adagio obsolete because he’s bored

Extra chakrams don’t need damage. Just visual to not give away location easily.

I don’t know zed…

Remove talent and put all talent skill on every hero ability

No… Would break the game and deinstall instantly. Talents are bad…


Heroic Perk - Protect the Princess!
Blackfeather automatically links with the highest health ally within 10 units around him. 20% of the damage Blackfeather takes is converted to his ally (resistances calculated separately).

A - Princess Power!
Fire a small projectile that deals bonus damage based on distance traveled. If this ability hits, instantly refund its cooldown.
CD: 10/9/8/7/5
Range: 6/6.5/7/7.5/8

B - Magic Mirror!
Place down a magic mirror for five seconds. This reflects enemy projectiles (while simultaneously converting them to your control) and speeds up allied projectiles that pass through it. Additionally, if Blackfeather fires an A through, it gains bonus range.
Reflect damage: 50/60/70/80/100%
Speed boost: 10/20/30/40/50%
Range: 2/2.2/2.4/2.6/3
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10

C - Royalty coming through!
Blackfeather stands still and fires a continuous (forward) barrage of energy that deals damage massive damage. This barrage deals bonus damage to enemies based on distance and the speed of the projectile. The projectiles also knock back based on how close you are to Blackfeather. After this, Blackfeather self inflicts sleep (not blockable).



Magic Mirror sounds amazing, and the unavoidable sleep on the Ult is hilarious. Awesome ideas, thank you for sharing.

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You… really don’t like Skye, huh?

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Lyra - her perk second heavy projectile need more slow, bright bulwark need more damage.
Vox - in 5v5 he need more bounces just like in his legendary talent. Also he needs a lil bit defense.

I think it’d be neat if Bulwark had a pushing effect, that, if any opponents were within the ring pre-cast, they’d get pushed to the edges of it. Same effects still apply thereafter.


I’m tempted to copy paste my hero idea and switch her name with idris’s because my idea centered around latching onto allies and I felt that idris’s ult was not very synergized with the rest of his kit. There are a surprisingly large amount of parallels between my idea and idris’s current kit but I still feel mine is more synergized. The play styles are definitely much different though.

Oh dear, the ability names are so cringy.

My hero idea for reference

Apparere is an assassin who uses blades that can change shape and size, allowing her to strike from afar, deal collateral damage, and “adsorb” power from other weapons. She also is able to attach to allies in order to gain effects.

Name: Apparere (Don’t judge my names ;-;. They’re just words ;-;-;-;-;-; (Female)

Difficulty: Medium (but requires a lot of coordination on her A)

Position: Jungle

Role: Assassin

Weapon: Shapeshifting Knives (the blades can change shape, extend, etc.) (melee)

Heroic Perk: Jack of all Trades
When out of combat, Apparere’s knives turn into boots, which increases her movement speed. When Apparere does not deal direct damage against enemies for 3 seconds, her knives form a protective barrier around her that disappears when she attacks again. When standing still in a bush for 3 seconds, she turns her knives into a spike trap, which roots the enemy on her next auto.
Movement Speed Increase: 1 sec
Barrier: 10-32 (+2 per level)
Root duration: 1 sec

A: What’s Yours is Mine
Apparere cloaks herself behind an allied hero, turning invisible and following wherever the other hero goes. When she is cloaked, she will share a portion of her armor/shield with her linked ally and incoming damage is split evenly between the two heroes. (damage reduction is calculated using the linked hero’s armor/shield). Additionally, her knives conform to the linked hero’s weapon, allowing her to auto-attack like normal and have ratios based off of the linked hero’s CP and WP. She will unlink herself with the ally by reactivating the skill again or automatically after 5 seconds.
Armor/Shield Shared with Linked hero: 10%
Cooldown: 12/12/12/12/10
Damage Amplification: 20% linked hero’s CP + 10% linked hero’s WP

B: Scorpion’s Strike
Apparere’s knives will extend to the shape created by dragging your finger from her to to any shape you want. They stay on the field for 1 second before disappearing. Any enemy that touches this blade will be damaged. The max length of the blade is determined by the level of the ability. If Apparere is clocked, then the blade is harder to see.
Max Length of Blade: 3/4/5/6/8 meters
Cooldown: 7/7/7/7/7
Damage: 100/140/180/220/260 + 110% CP + 80% WP

Ult: The Bloodier, The Better
Apparere dashes to a hero, piercing her knives into the target’s chest. Afterwards, her knives expand, widening the gash, inflicting mortal wound. If she was hidden prior to the ability activation, her dash is invisible.
Cooldown: 10/10/10/10/10
Damage: 200/300/400 + 150% CP + 100% WP

When I looked over my ideas, I saw that I didn’t have an assassin hero. I also drew a little inspiration from World Trigger’s Scorpion Trigger (which can change shape. Or maybe I’m confusing it with another one…) and combined the ideas. I tried thinking of ways on how a non-rigid weapon could work. I ended up with the idea that the weapon could conform to the shape of other weapons, such as an ally’s, which was the basis for her A. Her B was inspired mainly by the uses the characters in WT used their weapon (extension and curving of the blade). Her C was an idea that I integrated from a thought I had about an idea of bullets that had a chamber of gunpowder that would explode (causing the layers of the bullet to shatter like a frag) when the bullet was lodged in something, like flesh.


I actually feel that Idris Ult works really well with his kit when he uses it aggressively. Using it defensively just feels like a waste to me, considering it’s base damage and potential to get guaranteed chakram chains.

This Baptiste idea is awesome! He finally uses his scythe in his abilities! :thumbs:

I made a kit for Lyra, too! (I may or may not have used your idea) @dream

Heroic Perk: Principal Arcanum

A:Gythian Shield
Lyra gives a barrier to the target ally: it scales with 5% of her bonus CP and 30% of her bonus HP. The shield’s barrier time scales with her bonus armor/shield. When the shield breaks, it pushes nearby enemies back.
OVERDRIVE: The shield will also grant healing equal to the shield’s durability.

B:Bright Bulwark
When Lyra casts the bulwark, it pushes enemies within the range outside, and effects as normal. The slow scales with 5% of her bonus health. Whenever the bulwark cancels an ability, the bulwark breaks, stunning any enemies inside the zone.
OVERDRIVE: Casting the wall will also give a small barrier to her allies
(not herself), scaling with 5% of Lyra’s CP.

Ult:Wall of Light
Lyra casts two points, and a hard-light wall appears in between the two points. The wall will block ALL movement, stop skillshots, and push back anyone too close to the wall. The wall will break if Lyra dies: note that whenenver the wall blocks a projectile/person, and pushes someone back, it will reduce the timer by 0.2 seconds.
OVERDRIVE: When the wall breaks, it will reset ALL of Lyra’s ability cooldowns.