Taka's skin concept


this is not done yet but it might never be done anyway because of my poor skills so i post this.


It’s like if Adagio and Ahri had a child, I like it!


Am i missing something or did taka eat naruto?


Nine tails taka that should be LE and i would totally pay for this skin, the only problem i have is hit outfit it similar to White Shadow Taka (Tier 3)


i cant spell stuff for the life of me ;-;


I’ll say it again, we need crossover heroes! (Ahri in VG would be an instabuy.)

(I can dream, right?)


Only if i can get dinothunder megazord joule


I would absolutely love to try out Vainglory heroes on Summoner’s Rift and see how they’d fare.


as i said, this is not done yet (and probably won’t be done) and it’s very Japanese so…
Thanks for your opinion <3


Sorry for hijacking your thread – but I think your drawing immediately got us excited with its appeal!


I have seen this before? Repost? Someone else made a coloured version.

It is not the same pose but the same inspiration. 9 tails Taka also by you.


that’s my post… i redraw it…


I like the cleanness of the new version!


Insta-buy :heart_eyes:

I was just thinking this yesterday, lol. It would be so cool to see the VG heroes vs the League ones. Or one hero that SEMC and riot co-created and implemented into both games, that’d be neat.


+1 million

Wonder if there’s bad blood between Riot and the ex-Riot founders of SEMC …


Valve would be better to work with in vg as it relies less on ability spaming (with the exception of some heroes)


So basically, disappoint your consumer base, release nothing on time?

Oh wow wait are we talking about SEMC or Valve?

I’m kidding SEMC devs, please.


sorry for interupting the “crossover conversation” but what do you mean by “hijacking”?




Like, jumping into the passenger seat of your car and sticking a gun to your head and yelling “HAND OVER THE KEYS BUB” before you are forced out. Then you watch as they drive away.


looking though a normal conversation about the skin and partnerships with VG and the i see

HE’S HOTT >_> Confusion intensifies