Taka Rework Proposal

C’mon guys gimme a chance. Read it once. :grin::grin::grin:
Lets just get to the rework first shall we?

TAKA assassin & bruiser

Heroic Perk


Every 4-0.5s seconds, Taka’s next basic attack is replaced with a Mortal Strike.

Mortal Strikes

  • deal bonus damage : 20-70 + (30% WP)
  • grant Taka a burst of move speed.
  • mark target enemy with Assassin’s Mark . Assassin’s Mark (referred as AM from now on)stacks upto 3. Lasts for 2.3 seconds.
  • resets the cooldown on Assassin’s Mark and ki.

Whenever Taka Mortal Strikes or uses an ability, he gains a stack of Ki, which reduces his ability cooldowns (5 Ki stacks max).
---------->10% CDR per stack. (max 50%)

Lifesteal : Taka heals himself for amount of any damage he deals on enemies inflicted with mortal wounds
----------> 40% + (AM stacks)*10% (max 70%)



Taka flips over his target, cutting it with his switchblade. Taka is invulnerable to damage & debuffs while in mid-air.
Additionally a portion of enemy damage dodged is reflected as true damage to the target OVER WHOM TAKA KAITENS based on the number of AM stacks the target has.
( so yes I can get a Celeste kill if the opposite kestrel decides to one shot one kill me and I dodge it by Kaiten-ing over celeste. Damage got reflected from me to the opposing Celeste coming from kestrel. Basically kestrel killed Celeste :joy:.)

Damage : 60/80/100/120/ 190 (125% Crystal Ratio)

Reflected Damage : 30%/30%/30%/30%/ 40% (+ (AM stacks)*10%)
------------------------> {max=70%}



Taka throws a smoke bomb at his feet, vanishing from enemy sight and gaining move speed. This illusion ends early if he strikes a target or he takes direct damage. Turrets and Flare Guns can still see Taka.

**This ability DOES NOT heals Taka. **

Speed Boost: 1.25/1.50/1.75/2.0/ 2.5
Duration: 3.0/3.2/3.4/3.6/ 4.0



  • Taka bursts through his target, carving an X with his switchblades and dealing a basic attack.
  • The target suffers a mortal wound, reducing its healing by 50%.
  • This ability inflicts BLEED taking damage per second over the next 1.1 seconds. Damage is exponentially amplified based on AM stacks on target.
    Mortal strikes reset the duration of BLEED. (max 3 seconds)
  • The mortal wound’s duration is refreshed whenever Taka mortal strikes this target.
  • Grants bonus Ki stacks upon use based on number of ability points in X-Retsu.

Direct Damage : 100%/100%/100% (140% weapon power) NOT AMPLIFIED BY HIS PERK
Ki stacks bonus: 1/2/3

BLEED : 35/35/35 [+ (85% crystal ratio) * (1.3)^(AM stacks)] per second

Okay now that you have gone through the whole rework here are my explanations:


The perk is overloaded, I agree , but i just didnt find any other way.

Taka is extremely toxic because of how brain-dead his CP path is. People hate how OP his target based damage is, like literally, you just click on the skill, u click on the target and BOOM!!! It had no room for counterplay.

I have designed this rework keeping in mind how he is played , so I didn’t compromise on any part of his play style and this rework serves to bridged the gap between his cp and wp paths. Though similar, they are vastly different on execution and actual gameplay.

Assassin’s mark lol, call it whatever u want, but i thought it was necessary for taka to be in the field ,in your face to deal damage. Thats why most of his damaging abilities and healing scale with these stacks.

In his perk i have given him a bit more bonus damage to work with. That should help him with his early jungle clear and an overall weak WP path that he has in game.
I reduced the charge time of mortal strikes to 0.6. Any lesser than that would make his ult kinda OP.
Everything else remains the same in this department.

I have reduced the overall damage on kaiten and the CP ratio. This ability should mainly be used to deflect incoming enemy damage.

I have removed the heal on his kaku and increased the movement speed. As an ability it was lacking a bit of utility apart from its heal.
Do you think I should give a grace period scaling too? IDK, u guys decide that.


Ok here goes.
Players have always complained about the insane damage CP takas had with this skill. It is indeed brain dead and a guaranteed to hit too.
What I did was, well, I moved all the CP damage to the bleed effect.
Basically, you should either engage with this skill and stack AM on the enemy or already have the stacks applied and execute with the skill. This gives room for outplay from the opp side. You basically have close to 2 sec to disengage the fox. Thats A LOT!

If you observe closely, his ult becomes a major part of his damage for the CP path. So i have not changed any cooldowns or energy cost.

Now to explain the bleed effect:
Basically your damage will start out small close to 170 at 200 CP. With increasing stack of AM you can reach upto 390-400 damage per second on this ability. Its not a liner increase. It increases exponentially (check the formula). So for the first two stack , he doesnt deal a lot of damage.

Remember his bleed on applying lasts for only a second which can be extended upto 3 seconds. So as a carry you have close to 2 seconds to disengage him before he can max his stacks . I have given room for counterplay, yes i say that again.

His heals shouldnt be much of a worry.
Basically he is a little bit harder to kill, the more he attacks (basics and ability) you. That too its only applicable if u have a mortal wound effect on yourself. Not to say that mortal wounds are not common, but I would infer from it that it is not game breaking . Taka will anyway remain that squishy fox boi.
I just wanted to give a small bit of sustain.
Just a bit.

What do you guys think?
Do you think these changes are viable?
Do you want to change anything?
Do you think its too complicated?
Please discuss down below! :grinning::grinning:

@Gatorrex didnt you make a similar rework as well?

They should just make Taka back to what he was before and what he is now. I want him to be a CP distraction who will eventually rack up damage and his WP path to be the one where he either becomes a bruiser or assassin. His CP path was never the true carry, it was always a distraction and it was a very low skill floor high skill cap path. Maybe when you aren’t the Taka you’re like “wow Taka so skillful he pressed his B button” but the Taka player is probably sweating bullets trying to reposition himself and get the most out of his Kaku.

I played CP Taka a lot during 3v3 and he was obnoxious with his SC AS build but when SC got changed to a DoT item I still used him with AS SG/DE BM. Using DE if fights would be long and required me to clean up at the end and SG if my carry was the hypercarry and needed me to do as much damage as possible. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had because I was playing it at a VG Silver level going against players like delphi, starting, and DNzio. I also shut down many of the players who are now VG Silver in 3s with ease so that has a lot to say about the state of 3s for NA.

I miss playing him but there are so many problems with him besides his kit, the main being: rubberbanding.

Your idea seems pretty much the same as his kit with some extra stuff which I would consider not necessary. It has a bit too much micromanaging for an assassin who is literally going to go in and either get blown up or escape.

I think they just have to revamp his entire kit and make it skill shot based rather than targeted, assassins who are skillshot based seem to have been more successful.

I understand where u r coming from.
Yes taka was great as a CP assassin back in the day. Heck I used to play him a lot.
Now even though I used to play his CP, I used to basic attack a lot. Yes my abilities did the most damage but most of the time I was just hitting basic attacks to wait for the ULT or A cool down. Idk but I can more than say he had all the time to land 3 basic attacks.

I have took care of his B. With what I infer from reading ur post, u do use Kaku for repositioning. Then why do u want the heal ??
In fact I have straight up buffed kaku with increased speed boost. Yes I have just made ur life easier there.

What u r suggesting here regarding making his skills a skill shot, is obnoxiously OP.
God Think about it. It gives him soooooo much mobility , sooooo much invulnerability. And at no cost.
Seriously it removes all the margin of error in such skills ( hitting the minion instead of the enemy with xretsu and all that type). No I am serious.

Also I don’t understand what u mean by sweating to reposition in kaku as CP taka.
U literally had to be in range of the carry ( mostly of xretsu range) and at the same time u were healing yourself. What the freaking hell hard is in that?
If u are wp I think I do understand.

Taka was cancerous and u know that. It was tried out and yes it terribly failed. We don’t want that. No we don’t.
“Taka was good as he is.” is extremely ignorant of the larger part of the community.
Taka is hard to balance and it took me quite a bit of time tweaking his kit and playing with no.s to get all his damage right. And semc themself have told, how taka was intended to be played.
“He must be in your face.” precisely what one of the devs said when asked. I think it was in one of the excoundrel discussion videos analysing one of the larger updates.

This playstyle caters to that. And to ignorantly declare that he must be reverted back without even understanding what I propose is just …bad…totally.
I have addressed one of the most hated parts of his play style, his targeted abilities. At the same time being faithful to his original playstyle I love so much and everybody does.

Also what do u want me to do? Completely change the kit? The micromanagement I think is pretty important. With this build , u are in their face dealing damage and sustaining urself a bit. If u want to deal the damage, it has to be at the cost of something. I would even stretch to call my proposed ult is OP if u r really good. With this u can just melt overextending, unprotected carries.

I mean just how hard is it to understand the AM stacks. See as I said I couldn’t think of another way to simplify his perk. If u do have an idea please I’m open to all of them.

And also don’t u think by changing his kit a lot u r essentially changing everything from what he builds to what he counters. Then u would have to balance him out with how the heroes he counters play , it’s a an unnecessary chain reaction.

So even after all this, u think it’s better off him being reverted back then I have no hope. The community hated him for being such a menace with no room for counterplay. At least if not none , it was totally limited to vision and aoe. And no I take the voice of a larger audience to be more relevant than that of a single player who is exceedingly ignorant of what the larger player base has to say.

If u can suggest something better please do. It took me time to get it done, calculating all the damage and visualising how he is played. At least respect that and give a constructive criticism.
Your personal experiences in this game matter less. Don’t bring in these as points to justify what u wanna point out when these changes affects everybody in the loop.

Seriously ? Where?
I would love to read that.

Gatorexx’s Rework

Take just needs a few buffs not a rework. I think we could start with removing the delay on his ultimate. Lots of the times heroes are underpowered because of the meta and not them nessecarily, so I also believe that once we get to a decent meta we can discuss buffing a hero who has a history of being frequently OP

A burst meta is what Taka suited for. ( correct me if I am wrong). The current meta is indeed incredibly bursts with the defense nerfs.
He is supposed to be meta right now. Nor is it like he has been good in any of the last meta changes really.

In fact his wp has never been under the spotlight for years.
His CP kit is kinda … unplayable against. His targeted abilities are what made his CP op.

But I do agree a reasonable buff is much better than a rework, yes.

Ok…my god …those are some insanely similar ideas!

And I also would like to point out that the kaiten damage reflect that I propose reflects a part of incoming enemy damage to the target on whom he kaitens.
Just thought I had to clarify that somewhere.

I don’t think we really have a meta yet. Or maybe I haven’t played enough.

Anka replaced Taka. Distraction, dodge, blink, burst plus clear speed which has always been a struggle for Taka.

He needs to be pushed towards more DoT to differentiate. I would look at lower base cooldowns and lower base damage. Make him even more nimble but with less burst. Here’s a five-minute rework:

Base stats: Normalize his WP damage

  • Increase base attack damage from 68-125 to 75-155

  • Increase base move speed from 3.5 to 3.7

Perk: His perk has always been the worst and most changed of his kit. Just tear it apart. His perk is a ramp up which once he overdrives X-retsu is meaningless. I would incorporate bonus damage vs mortal wounded enemies. It would open up synergies with SF, PS, Fortress, and Rona. It rewards diving with your Ult and then focusing in on one target. Something simple:

  • Taka does 35% bonus damage on basic attacks and skills against mortal wounded heroes.

Kaitan: Since cooldown was pulled out of his kit I would lower it and the damage.

  • Lower cooldown from 15 to 8 seconds all levels

  • Lower damage from 80/120/160/200/240 to 60/80/100/120/150

Kaku: I would create a reason to overdrive Kaku.

  • Lower the cooldowns from 25/24/23/22/21 to 18/17/16/15/10

  • Lower the energy cost at lvl 5 from 110 to 95 (same as lvl 4)

  • Increase the speed boost at lvl 5 from 1.25 to 1.5

  • Lower the heal/sec from 25/50/75/100/125 to 25/40/55/70/100 but increase CR% to 25%

X-retsu: Again lower cooldowns and lower base damage but increase DoT

  • Lower cooldown from 20 to 12

  • Lower energy costs from 80/100/120 to 50/70/90

  • Lower damage from 200/275/350 to 200/250/300

  • Increase duration of damage/sec from 3 seconds to 4 seconds but remove the refresh mechanic

Nimble, lower damage, lower cooldowns for more escape and more skill use to do the needed damage, simplified perk with clear synergies.

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Why that? He would become the second fastest hero in the game, on par with flicker.

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Why have him become another Cp assassin, we already have three of those and four if including Taka himself.

I rather change his whole kit to become a WP assassin.

I want his Kaku to become something useful as Akalis smokebomb and how its used to combo.

CP taka is already a cancer cell, why not just rework him. Alot of other heros need fixes as well so knock out multiple birds with one stone.

Just saw the Akali spotlight. WP taka definitely needs that kind of an ability. I wonder how viable he might become after that.
And my god, LOL has some really complex gameplays. We might not have 5 abilities but I think SEMC should abuse the fact that it has one of the best control types for mobas.

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Wait takas basic attacks refresh the DOT too??
I only thought it was the mortal wound…

I would simplify his perk and remove his on hit speed boost.