Taka op op op 🤯

The match happened a couple of days ago but looking back I still giggle at it :ozo:

And our team was all soloquers while we versed a higher ranked guild party :sweat_smile:

And no, I didnt solo carry. I simply asked my teammates to be meat shields for me and they checked my score and agreed…

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Oof only 2 people built armor, and atlas was nerfed iirc

Yikes lol. That not to mention that was a poor matchup all the way through. Taka has advantage on every hero on that enemy team except lyra lmao.

4 squishy players in the enemy team, two of them are without any armour at all. Still - a good game and surely you did great + your team did great too to protect you and let you carry. As for taka - not OP, but defo viable as WP. CP is noticeable weaker tho (with that cooldowns currently and the removed healing, slower jungle clearing, etc). Half of the current taka results are that people are still not playing like he is decent, they are like: “oh, taka? rofl… I will 1vs1 him in the jungle while 2/3 of my hp vs full for him” or “taka? Will prioritise gwen for sure! Or magnus! Or phin!!!” :smiley: soon people will start to focus him as for example anka and his success will drop a little. Still, nice to see him viable as I have all of his skins - the last one hahahah + the rework makes him a lot less irritating as now when he escapes, he won’t come back 5 seconds later full HP.

Overall a decent change to him, they just need to buff a little the CP patch (can be done in a lot of ways, including some added effects that scales with CP or even unlock with X amount of CP ala idris, not just up ratios).

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I actually wouldnt like that. CP Taka is just toxic and unhealthy for the game, reason why they decided to rework him instead of just buffing him (talked with Sonata).

I agree that he was, but wouldn’t he be a lot less toxic with the rework tho? After all the biggest part of his problem was the healing when invisible and that scaled with CP. He literally C/A/B and if not killed instantly - returns 5 seconds FULL hp after he was left with 10%. Right now he won’t heal back and in the second rotation = dead. Also his cooldowns are a lot higher vs the toxic period (like twice longer currently).