Tai The Wandering Mercenary

The stats here are probably either op or up, but they provide a foundation.

Lore: Tai is a wandering mercenary. Even though Tai is able to use magic, he was born without the ability to regen mana, so he fought much like a warrior. However, using the funds that he earned as a mercenary, he eventually was able to buy an enchanted sword that allowed him to regenerate mana. Since Tai was now able to regen mana, his combat prowess exponentally grew, enabling him to earn even more money as a mercenary, even if Tai’s poor experience with magic limits him to boosting his attack power and a few basic spells.
HP: 850-2225 (+125 per level)
Energy: 150-370 (+20 per level)
wp: 80+125 (+5 per level)
attack speed: 100%-133% (+3% per level)
Armor & Shield: 20-70
Range: 1.4m
Speed: 3.3 m/s
Perk: Mana Siphon
Tai is unable to regen energy. 50% of passive energy regen on items except for Spellsword and potion activation is converted to crystal power. Tai regains mana by autoattacking enemies. 5% of basic attack damage regens his mana, with 5% of bonus crystal power adds to his basic attack mana regen.
A Ability: Power Swipe
Tai swipes his sword at his target, dealing massive damage. This ability deals 150% of Tai’s basic attack damage, damages enemies in a 120° angle, and resets basic attacks. Overdrive: At max level, this ability deals critical damage.
Cooldown: 15s/14s/13s/12s/11s
Energy Cost: 85/100/115/130/145
B Ability: Azure Shockwave
Tai quickly sheaths his sword, creating a shockwave that has a 3 meter radius and stuns enemies for .25 seconds.
Cooldown: 10s/9.5s/9s/8.5s/7s
Energy Cost: 100/110/120/130/150
Damage: 100/115/130/145/160/175 cp (+100% of bonus cp)
Ultimate: Sword Flurry
Tai must have at least 85% of his maximum mana to activate this ability. Tai stands still, sheaths his sword, and channels all of his mana into his sword for 1.5 seconds, using up all of his mana. Then, Tai swings his sword multiple times and and deals weapon damage. Tai’s sword swings deals damage around him in a 270° angle. During Tai’s brief flurry, he is immune to all damage and status effects. After Tai’s flurry, he deals a Final Hit that depends on the amount of wp or cp you’ve built. If he has 200 or more wp, his Final Hit is a sword swing that knocks back enemies by 3 meters, deals basic attack passives, and ignores 10% of armor. If he has 150 or more cp, his Final Hit is a 3 meter shockwave that knocks back enemies 3 meters. Otherwise, Tai’s Final Hit simply knocks back enemies 3 meters. Every other swing of his sword roots enemies for .5 seconds. Leveling up this ability increases the amount of sword swings by 2.
Cooldown: 60s/50s/40s
Damage per Swing: 75 wp(+50% of bonus wp, +100% of bonus cp)
Final Hit Damage(less than 200 wp or less than 150cp): 75wp (+50 of bonus wp, +100% of bonus cp)
Final Hit Damage(200+ wp): 75 wp (+50% of bonus wp)
Final Hit Damage(150+ cp): 75 cp (+75% of bonus cp)
Amount of Swings(including Final Hit): 3/5/7
Overall Base Damage: 275/375/525
(Talent stats are at level 1)
Rare Talent: Stunning Shockwave
Azure Shockwave stuns enemies longer, but has a longer cooldown and deals less damage.
Stun Length: 1 second (+.01 sec per level)
Cooldown: 125%
Damage: 85% (+1% per level)
Epic Talent: Sword Dance
2 more sword swings are added to Sword Flurry.
Sword Flurry Damage: 85% (+.5% per level)
Sword Flurry Final Hit Damage: 85% (+1% per level)
Legendary Talent: Mana Monster
Tai passively regenerates energy and cooldown timers for all abilities are reduced.
Energy Regen: 5/sec (+.25 per level)
Powerswipe and Azure Shockwave Cooldown: 95% (-1.25% per level)
Sword Flurry Cooldown: 97.5% (-1.25% per level)

Tai is totally not a shoutout to Zhou Tai pre-Dynasty Warriors 6.

I kinda like the idea, although you may as well replace his ENERGY with Rona’s bloodrage if you’re gonna do that (I understad it is a little different but not entirely).
Also I don’t quite understand; what is the buff from getting 150 CP on his ult? it seems the same as the basic effect to me.

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The buff from getting 150 CP just changes the last attack on the ult.
And yeah, now that I think about it, you’re right, he kind of works just like Rona. I might need to rework that.

I’m confused about the perk: Mana Siphon

To siphon means to gain mana by draining the target’s mana. OR is this just simply a name, and he gains mana regardless of what is being attacked, just the act of attacking something gains mana?

if it is the latter, then I would agree it is very similar to Rona’s bloodrage.