Tags & Tagging

Many of you have likely noticed the small text ‘tags’ attached to certain topics – it’s quite a powerful feature of Discourse that I enabled almost a year ago and have used to raise the visibility of selected subjects: art, music, RWBY, and so forth.

Initially, I limited the use of tags to moderators, because I wasn’t quite sure how best to use them – or even what tags were going to be needed – and I figured we’d open things up for more general use a bit later on.

WEEEELLLLLLLLL … almost a year later, I think it’s long past time to do so! So, as of today, all regular (TL3) members can add tags to topics if they wish. There are a limited number of tags available right now, but I am quite willing to add more if folks have ideas for new ones.

There are some pretty neat things you can do with tags, and I’ll post a few tips here in the next day or so.

[ h/t to @Nekreirypt for bringing this up ]