Tabbed Recommeded Menu

This literally pops up after every match, anyone else find this rather annoying?

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Yes. It’s like those horrible pop-over or pop-under web ads from 10 years ago. Ugh. It needs to respect the fact that I closed it without taking advantage of the offer, and just stay closed.


Agreed, also the quests being in the most odd spot ever is also bothering me. The most simple things get to me lol

I know right it so damn annoying can we just remove it


That too. Considering all the talk about the new skin crafting system and the fact the blueprints can only be acquired through quests, it’s baffling that quests are now hidden behind a tiny, difficult to decipher icon.


Sometimes it doesn’t close and I have to restart my whole game.

Completely unnecessary and annoying. I get the need to promote, but not after every single match, and definitely not with a botched close x.

I’m told it is supposed to trigger once a day at most but for some reason is triggering way too much - they are looking into pushing a fix for it.

Sometimes I can barely hit the “x” button

I have issues with the X button as well as the 3 icons in the upper right corner at first I thought it was my phone I was freaking out.

My favourite has been the pop up for new users which asks you how you are going and then when you try to dismiss it the X is actually above the visible screen…

They WANT to know how they’re doing :wink: