Swan Lake Malene

Not too proud of the text and background, but that’s fine. Don’t know what she’d use as a weapon… a feather, maybe?
Anyways, thoughts??
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Love it! I especially like the light/dark contrast on her costume!

I feel like she’d wield a rapier-like weapon


Ooh, that’s a fun idea! The drawing’s really cute too, nice job!

And, thinking of it, a whole series of ballet skins would be kick-ass. The Nutcracker Suite has a lot to work with - toy soldiers (Baron?), a rat king (Fortress? Think of the tiny rats during attack of the pack!) - and something aggressively avant garde like the Rite of Spring would be gold for churn-related designs…



Weiss’s Myrtenaster immediately came to mind …

The swan lake music started playing in my head once I read your thread title , the idea fit Malene , and I agree with hipster skaarf about more ballet skins .