Surrender Etiquette and Request Box

Surrender Request Box - The pop up is entirely too large. It could easily be half the size and still function well. Also the duration for making a decision and after a “no” decision is made too long. All of this can impact a team fight.

Surrender Etiquette - Don’t be that teammate who dies first in a 5v5 fight and immediately ask for a surrender when 4v5 is going on. It’s really disrespectful.

Suggested fixes - Shrink the pop-up. Put surrender pop-up on a 10 second delay. List the person requesting surrender with a hero icon.


TOTALLY agree, especially with the last bit – if you want to surrender, you should have to own that, not be able to hide behind the anonymity of the popup.


Especially when that box pops up where you want/need to move to. I have been skillblocked by a surrender way too many times. The screen pop up blocking your chance to aim a skillshot…

100% agree

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The frequency of immediate surrenders following a single death in a 5v5 team battle is too damn high.

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