Supports in 5v5


It seems supports have been a bit less effective recently as more aggressive divey supports/distruptive supports perform more effectively than legitimate protectors. Our protectors have less global protections as they were mostly tuned for 3v3, so I believe this may be what makes them overall weaker. With such a fast meta slower defenders cannot keep up with such a high amount of burst damage coming from the enmy team.


My go-to captain during 5v5 has been Adagio. I experimented with using one set of War Treads and one set of Teleporation boots simultaneously. Crucible, Fountain, Boosted cam early game, Clockwork late game. It worked well for the most part, but having to sacrifice an item slot for two boots wasn’t favorable. As a captain there is definitely an issue maneuvering, but only in the instance that the entire team is solely depending in you for support. I’ve played a of match where we had two carries, two junglers and a captain (moi) - I took a lane solo, the junglers built group support items for their respective sides. I built support for late game. That match was a damn blessing.


Yes me too. Playing captain roam is very hard in 5v5. Covering up top mid bot lane is very hard. But maybe everything will be different in next global release because every player will come to sovereign rise.


Real protection was nerfed also… Look at Lorelai her shield was nerfed to the ground.