“Support” Heroes

I often like to play support characters in games and I am looking for a main hero to play for support. I have enough merit to buy one hero so I want to pick carefully.

By support I would prefer having a healing ability, but buffs and shields for the team would be fine also.

I have tried Grace and I do like how she heals and shields, but I am not a fan of playing close range. In other MOBAs I play healers that are often mage type heroes. Are there any ranged in the game who can heal or who have a wide variety of way to support the team?

I also prefer playing female characters but overall that is the least important thing I am looking for.

If you like mobility get Lyra she has the ability to: have a AoE heal with speed boost when it bursts open and allies stand on it, create a safe zone that negates dashes into the zone, and a teleport which both allies and enemies can travel through.

If you prefer more of a less mobile hero get Adagio he has the ability to: burst heal (seems small at the beginning but this increases with CP (buy this only if you intend on playing carry though) and health (this is in many support items, you can see the stats in practice mode of each item), increase damage by a little bit (good early in the game but do not expect much coming from this in the late game but it is relevant), and an AoE ultimate which stuns everyone after a couple of seconds of channeling (this ability is able to stun when you burn targets, but can easily be “Reflex Blocked”).

If you like one of them I suggest you read their descriptions in game or just check them out in Practice mode.


Lyra, Adagio and Loralai are who you’re looking for.


This is a good recommendation. That is the order I would consider for heroes for what CryBloodwing described.


@CryBloodwing there are some great recommendations here already.

Lyra is the queen of supports.
Adagio fits the bill but isn’t female.
Lorelai is great but very difficult to play so I wouldn’t reccomend her just yet.

Malene might peak your interest too even though she isn’t a support character.


Adagio can be female if he wants to… he is a god…

Adagio or Lyra I’d say.

Try Ardan.
This is advice I give to every new player, but Ardan is so incredibly flexible that he’s a character everyone should be able to play. He isn’t difficult either, which is a plus.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t play ranged supports unless you have friends to play with. They’re less reliable in SoloQ compared to a melee support who can both peel and dive (Ardan, Cath, Grace).

In the end, it’s up to you though. I’d get some people together and try characters out in a private practice mode. Just mess around with builds and see what you can do.

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Adagio has the longest range in the game. if you like supports in other moba’s, adagio is the only support that’ll have the same ranged feeling. (even adagio doesn’t have enough range to compare to other moba’s)

so if it’s range, buffs and heals you’re looking for. Adagio is your Hero. Also much more Beginner friendly than other supports.

Lots of good suggestions in this thread. If you’re looking for some more info, check out these articles on Lyra and Lorelai. They give good overviews on what’s good and bad about the heroes, how to play them, and how they synergize with other heroes. The Lyra one is almost a year old, but the info is still accurate.

Support Synergy: Lyra, The Rennaissance Woman
Support Synergy: Lorelai, The Sea Queen

You might also want to check out Broken Myth’s build suggestions, although these are one (big) update behind:
Top Hero Builds (last update, 3.3)

How can the Lyra info be correct? bulwark isn’t the same anymore and builds are completely different now. Her range was changed to scale with Ult levels etc… Complete rework lol…

It still gives a good sense of how to play her though, right? Positioning, strategy, and tactics should all be about the same. :woman_shrugging:

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I tried Adagio once and it did not go very well because my teammates kept ditching me lol.

So far I think Lyra seems like my type of character. She seems very useful for helping the team.

Now I just hope I actually get in matches where my team can support me also, in terms of not ditching me haha.

Many MOBAs I have played, I am a healer/support anf I go into a lane with someone like a tank, then they go off to another lane because “I am in the lane so no one else is needed.” Except I am using a support build and not a damage one. :frowning:

How do I heal when my teammates run away from me lol?

But I suppose my biggest way to support the team is by choosing the role needed most, which just happens to mostly end up being support.


Since you are a new player, I’d like to suggest Petal.

Petal is an extremely noob-friendly hero. She is technically a healer, though she is also a carry rather than a support. This allows you to play the role of a ranged healer while not being so reliant on your teammates, because Petal actually does damage.

Petal also has a reposition tool, a skillshot and two different ranges. This allows you to practise with positioning, kiting and skillshots all in one hero.

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Petal is also female
So bonus points…

Clear weapon and crystal paths both viable.

Very Kawaii (cute)

An underrated Sleeper (OP) hero to boot.

Dont worry it happens all the time
Solution: Stop healing them, pick support and play them as a carry
Im not kidding, when I was new to the game, playing support always makes me rage quit. I know this is salty but I’m just being honest

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