Super Evil Money Consumer

  • Purposely releases characters that are OP at the start knowing people can only buy them for ice at first.
  • Gets rid of cards adding blueprints that are random and not the one you are hoping for or wanting or striving to get[SEMC: “Or you could just buy them with ice ;)”]
  • Gets rid of all your cards for a garbage amount of essence that even when you DO have a blueprint for a skin you want, you don’t have enough essence.“You can buy certain chests that’ll give you 2-11 essence ;)”

Lul, did I miss any, guys? Drop 'em in the comments. <3


the RNG bundles.
10% chance of getting a se skin

  1. Not all heroes come out OP. And there is a huge difference between a legit OP hero, and growing pains while learning to deal with said hero. I am guessing you are refering to Tony? Yeah, he is hard to deal with. He is also brand new and we dont really know how to handle him yet. Definitly not OP.

2)Skins are the primary source of income for games such as VG. Yes, it was made harder. And Yes, it was with the intent to make money. If you want to see VG stay around, and really want a skin, buy it. Support the company and dont complain when they monetize something that is completely aesthetic.

  1. They paid full crafting value on all cards. But this goes back to 2. This was intended. Crafting skins shouldnt be easy and it never should have been as easy as it was. It creates entitled children who cry when a company has to make it harder to support their own game.

You did miss something, and thats companies need to make money. The entire basic game (all heroes) is unlockable for free. Enough of this Complaining about cosmetics.


Make 5v5 rank as lvl10 with 14 hereos even though you can’t afford 14 hereos by lvl 10, or be good enough to want to get stuck with one of the 14 to have a good ranked match for all

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  1. Fair enough.

  2. Fair enough goes as far as either of us can say without actual statistics and a reliable source.

  3. Crafting skins was never as easy as you’re making it out to be. It took long. It would cost 360 essence I believe? To make one of the legendary cards for your character. When you destroyed one of those cards to put towards another card, it would only give you like…1 and 1\4th of a 3rd of that.

There’s better ways to make money than have a game that’s a money grab everywhere you look on it. Notch created Minecraft and after milking the hell out of it by selling the game itself and tons of merch instead of products in the game, he also sold the ownership rights to Microsoft for $2.5b. No one wants to see glory being sold for ice. That’s just a dumb and cheap tease. At that point you might as well just spend the ice on the skins or characters you want.

I’m just sayin’ I respected it more when you at least had more of an option to work hard and pay with the hours you put into the game to earn a skin or character if you wanted to, rather than just to flat out pay for it. I used to spend more money on it then than I do now honestly. They’re losing my respect the less of an option they give. I almost had the corsair krul skin before the update from putting countless hours into the game. Now I have to wait on luck and real money to get that skin. Just gotta hope for the best that, that blueprint comes my way and that I’m not just gambling all my money away for 6 duplicates of a bug petal blueprint lol.


Oh! Yes, and THIS! This is also why I disagree with the selling of characters for ice. I’ve seen people with the name “Guest_274729264&18” in RANKED matches. ITS SO ANNOYING THAT PEOPLE CAN COMPLETELY BUY THEIR WAY INTO RANKED. Like, bro at least pretend that you guys care about your community a little bit and not just your community’s money. It ruins the game for those of us that get stuck having to carry these noobs. And most of us worked our way in there. These people are still guests…


Couldn’t agree more… I am fed up with people complaining about cosmetics. I have bought half of my skins with ice and this because I want to support one of the very few companies that really care about their game and are constantly trying to polish their product…


They’re starting to care too much about their game and not enough about their community. Read my post above yours in reply to @Satanicsoldier . Idk if I’m not clarifying well enough or you guys are just reading wrong but I’m saying its not just about cosmetics, everything costs ice now. They back you into a corner where you practically have to at some point.

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and this is why SEMC made the mistake of being too nice when releasing things. Literally every moba i’ve played has had skins that cant be achieved F2P or random skins. So, since everyone is used to having free skins that you can choose, now that SEMC has changed it to a normal system, people are like REEEEE. exact same situation with sunlight…


Yes that is true but games like for say DOTA2 give you all the characters and each one has a specific counter designed, but can still be beaten other ways. They still make money

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Have we been playing the same game, lately?

And just to be clear: I don’t fault a Dev team for doing their best, and being unable to iron out all bugs prior to release.
But if they gamble away my good-will by adopting shady business practices, and shit all over community relations, then their product had better be polished. Because at that point, there’s no warm feelings to go around anymore.


Just out of curiosity if their shady buisness practices and shitting on of the entire community (a little extreme but I digress) have caused you poor feelings towards the company why do you continue to support them by using their product?

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Dude. Please. We are both aware how invested people get into games, after sinking countless hours of their free time into them, and how much shit companies can pull before those people eventually walk away for good. That’s not exactly a revolutionary discovery - and I feel that no longer supporting SEMC financially while using their services, and voicing a critical opinion, is a compromise I am willing to make.


a merchant gives promo and discount at first then decided to no longer give the discount… then someone complains that stopping the discount is a sign of greedy act.

a question for us.
which one is the greedy one?

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Uh have you even seen the cost of some of the DotA skins…? And their player base is exponentially larger than Vainglory’s so of course they’ll make more.

Actually unlocking 14 heroes isn’t hard at all by level 10. Yes it might have been in the past but nowadays we receive a lot of glory, keys and heroes as starters. Before 3.0 (I don’t know if anything changed yet) we would easily unlock Taka, Ringo, Skaarf, Celeste, Gwen, Lance, Catherine and Ardan. Then we still have the keys that they will give through the levels + sunlight key and finally the glory you can hoard with the boosters you will receive for free too.

For the case of Guest, have you ever thought you could be playing with a smurf?? My mate has 2 vainglorious accounts that he simply never bothered to change the name of it.

Yes I have before my laptop broke I was strictly a DOTA2 player.

Yes they got a player base with the business model i talked about.

I started right as before 3.0 even with the glory keys and starters 14 hereos isn’t really obtainable by lv10 or feasable to play them well enough to compete in a productive rank match


If you had crafted 1/3rd of the corsair krul cards you would have had the essence and the blueprint. An error by you not semc…

Well I never got the blueprint so…how the hell is that an error by me? You just contradicted yourself, mah dude.

Just in regards to the player base; it is quite larger BUT, VG’s is still pretty large as well in its own aspect. There’s 10mil downloads on Android alone. And 760k rating comments in the Google play store. 550k of them gave 5stars, 60k 4 stars, and 30k 3 stars. Again this is only for the Android side of it. With a player base this big, money is no longer an issue for them, I’m sure of it.