Super Bowl Sunday

The biggest sporting event in the US takes place later today: Super Bowl LIII

I’ve created a couple of groups that you’re welcome to join if you’d like to display the logo of that team on your avatar:

If you want your avatar flair reset to something else (for example, if you pick the losing team and are tired of being shamed throughout the forum), leave and rejoin a different group or contact one of us to reset it to whatever you want.

Have fun (and go :rams: !)


Can I get a Saints flare? Protesting SB.

I feel ya, but we’ll just stick to the two teams that are playing today … :wink:

Lifetime New England fan here !! Go Pats !!

Don’t @ me, my whole family is from Boston :joy:

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Honestly, all I’m rooting for is the appearance of “Sweet Victory” during the halftime show. But at this point, it seems very likely

I just had 2 pieces of pizza and 4 chicken nuggets, plus a brownie. The game hasn’t even started, and I’m already done for the evening.

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Wait why 4 chicken nuggets in specific

Not too few, not too many … just the right number. :smile:

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Welp, all they did was that Squidward introduction. How did they play the initial fanfare of the song and not actually follow through with it


Omg, this is the most boring game ever. Unless you’re related to one of the punters, that is.

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Well, the offenses woke up (a little) in the 4th, but man, what a snooze-fest. Lol.

Congrats @Moose on your :patriots: winning another one! Better luck next year, :rams: fans!

The media and general public won’t enjoy the old school defensive battle but -


Brady alone now ties the Steelers for the most championships by any other NFL team.


Want to be friends? PATS BABY!!!
Super happy! Been raised a Pats fan by my late father and I am just old enough where I remember the team sucking… bad. Unbelievable that they’ve won their 6th during their 9th appearance in the last 17 years. The ride will likely be over soon, but man am I enjoying it while it lasts.

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Hell yeah, man. I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my life with Brady at the helm - I vaguely remember Bledsoe but I’ve mostly been spoiled - but I’m glad to be witnessing the greatest dynasty in sports history.

Good to see a fellow Pats fan :facepunch:

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Sub 2 pewdiepie

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That’s not helping although imagine if pewpewdie took a ad during superball
That he cool

Isn’t SuperbThis text will be blurredall over?