Sunshine across the Rise, and the Fold

You love Vainglory, I love Vainglory. That’s why we’re here.

There’s a lot of talk recently about a lot of sour things coming from SEMC and Vainglory. Not just here, it’s not about that - everywhere there’s sunken heads and gloomy moods in regards to Vainglory’s present state and the uncertainty of its future as the game we all love so much. Reddit, Twitter, Discord groups, other sites also. It’s apparent it’s in an odd place.

I’d like to ask, instead, for us to share our favorite things about Vainglory. Or maybe something subtle, that you appreciate. A trend, or theme it has that you connect to, maybe - whatever you want, is the point.

Let’s spend some time together to really appreciate Vainglory. No fuss, no sweat.

Tell me, why do you love Vainglory?

I’m going to sleep now. May you all dream well


The reason I started playin Vainglory was because I wanted a competitive game, but at the time didn’t have a PC to run anythin decent, and my only console was my 3DS. It introduced me to the PvP stage, and now I can’t stop.

As for my favourite part of the game, it’d have to be the Nymphs, my guild. I have so many stories I share with so many others, and the whole guild community is just great. In the ~1 1/2 years I’ve spent with the guild I’ve seen it break apart and fall before rising again to be a strong Guild. Thanks to all my guildmates for all the fun times.

I’m not gonna post a link for it here cause I don’t want to come across as advertising but if you’re in EU and you are interested there’s a link in my profile


i love the lore. it makes the heroes and the world have more depth


Thank you for making this thread!

I love how interactive the devs are with the community. I know a lot of you here will find that funny, but I was a member of another game’s forums and the devs there were very autocratic, they locked every dissenting thread, they implemented increasingly p2w features, they only listened to feedback once the forums were spammed with threads. I also love how it’s so completely ftp. This is very rare in the mobile market. I love how passionate the devs are. You can tell that this game is very close to their hearts. This is the kind of passion that brings a company far, and I see only a bright future for SEMC.

I love how competitive Vainglory is. I’m not a traditional “gamer” (as a med school student I really don’t have that kind of time) but I know I can get my fix from a 30-40 minute 5v5 game (including queues, inevitable dodges…sorry, no salt). I love the rush I get when I win a game. Forget chicken dinners, winning a hard Vainglory game against all odds is the best feeling ever.


Disclaimer:I’m not trying to trash talk the devs here…

I started playing the spring before the summer party event. That event plus all the cool things in the game kept me going the entire summer. That was the only season I got to season level 50 and it was worth it. I got that summer party krul skin, but it turned out to be a special edition. (They advertised it as limited edition, but made it special edition when opals broke out. Was kind of lame if you ask me.) I have never seen an event that exciting since.

But I still generally like the game and its graphics. I really don’t like games with an animated feel to it.(Which is why ML/Leauge and Fortnite don’t appeal to me.) The hero I was most excited for was probably Samuel, and he it still fun to play. I just need to stay away from ranked lol.

I came across VG while looking for short games to download and toss. I hadn’t ever heard of MOBAs, and I ended up titling so much I deleted it. I found it again after a year, and it’s been on my mind almost every second. I love the hero designs, I love the events, and I love the maps. The game frustrates me to no end, while also somehow driving me to be better than my teammates, and myself. It’s somehow managed to retain my attention for this long, which is a feat in and of itself. I love Vainglory, and I’ll honestly tell it to anyone who will listen.


This is super sweet. Very awesome that of all things Vainglory offers, it brought some folks into your life. Awesome.

Agreed! I used to never care for it but recently I’ve delved into it a bit, it’s certainly shaping up to be quite the universe they’re establishing.

This is something I’ve always agreed with. Despite how grim things have looked decision-wise from the devs part, you know that deep down they care about their game. Might not be doing the best all the time, but hey.


You bring up an interesting topic, that I’ve had much debate with some of my friends with as of late. I actually used to dislike League for this as well, to a point - I think it’s far more attractive than other ‘cartoony’ looking games (Fortnite, Battlerite) but then I came across the Art of League of Legends. They make a very profound statement regarding their stylistic direction, claiming that their ideas on paper should translate back into the game into one coherent, whole universe - and so rather than making everything look realistic, they went for making things appear to be a part of a painting, of a fantasy. They wanted the art to translate back into the game to feel, as they say, “timeless”. I think it’s incredible, honestly sold me on League after reading that. I respect it to the core. If you really take a second in LoL to look at the details of things in the map, and characters, their work shines through.

I enjoy the majority of your post, so I just quoted your last sentence to make sure you saw I was replying, but yes. It’s funny that you mention being tilted, I remember my first time playing Vainglory (which was release day) I was one of many confused folks who probably also had never played a MOBA. I remember being so pissed off that I was determined to outshine everyone else and be better before the rest of the new kids, and thus began my foray into the world that is MOBA madness.


Well, they have a Fortress. That’s all I can say. Everything else I hate.

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I came from playing Fates Forever to VG and downloaded Day 1 NA.

I love the art and lore of the game! The heroes feel like unique creations when you factor in everything that goes into them with the art/lore.

The controls are amazing. Mechanical skill and decision making are the deciding factors in win rates and not P2W or randomness.

The Devs (PlayoffBeard, Shin, Niv, Chainsaw, etc) are very communicative. PB’s antics made the Dev stream a must watch. I loved his “heel” shtick. The “why” of decision making is explained as best as possible. That’s a big deal when making as many changes as SEMC has over 4 years, especially when they get something wrong.

I really like the community. I think the game attracted people that were passionate and knowledgeable. There will always be knuckleheads, but the depth of research and discussion for the game has been amazing.


I love that you start out empty handed

No pay to improve, no pay to power up.

If the matchmaker does its job it will be the better playing team that will win.

Coming from Starcraft 2 as my last PC title before stopping PC gaming I much appreciate this.


Honestly i love it is so close to a pc moba in terms of graphics and controls. I came across vg when my computer completley wore down i can use it for internet atm that is it as i am running on 10 year old spare parts, and was studip for running it 7 years hard. Sadly i will have to leave the game behind next year unless they work on a pure os port or i get a tablet

Because it’s the best game on appstore.


Vainglory is aesthetically pleasing in my eyes (maybe pre-UI update or post-UI update after a year lol). The art style is distinct from other MOBAs.

Everything besides the core gameplay is the “main problem” of VG- which inevitably pulls me back in after getting tired of the game.

The RnG skin system is absolutely atrocious and the guild system is STALE. Those are my main problems with the game. They discourage me from playing, but the gameplay makes me want to play sooner or later.


I saw ths game on the playstore on dec 2014… (since i was playing call of the champions (also a tap controlled moba) ) i decided to try this…and i fell inlove to its lore,unique characters and till this day im still playing it.

Edit: i didn"t know that call of champs is ded thats sad. #RIP


One of the reasons Vg is still in my Phone is probably cos of the people I found while playing this game. Finding good people to play a game you all have fun with is the best.

The developer is pulling resources to support one of their games (incidentally, the very devs and the very game I mentioned in my previous). Since they developed something like a game a year, that meant shutting down a lot of their games.

Ohhhh thats sad though thats one of the starting point on why ive love tap controls that game is better than ML as a whole(although the game is like a blitz mode. (Now that i think about it…it does have the blitz mode feels is that where they got it ○0○)

Also what game are they focusing on?

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Arcane Legends. It’s a joystick kind-of MMORPG. Unfortunately the studio is very small and didn’t have the investors SEMC did so they had to go down an increasingly p2w route which made a good chunk of their player base quit. I’d been playing that game for more than 3 years though, I made lots of friends and had a great time. :confused:


I agree with everything in your post, but I highlight this because I believe the relationships we create through gaming can be some of the best ones. It’s always nice to hear that people have grown together because of it.

Yes! I love this about most MOBAs. The grind, to me, is honestly so much fun. And I’m a sucker for well-earned loot.


Easily, I’ve played some good games but truthfully Vainglory feels like one of the very few ‘true’ games. Hearthstone is arguably also one.

It is. It seems to take a more ‘realistic’ approach whilst still maintaining a core fantasy element/appearance. It’s done very well.

I hate to burst your bubble, but the Android version wasn’t released until mid-2015! I beta-tested the Android build, I remember its release very well. I felt very proud of it, despite it not really being a big deal.

Definitely! Great people in this game, for sure.


I saw it on the playestore :thinking: idk maybe my mimd is just vague