Summer Party Samwhich


5 minute pshop.

Obviously the beach robe and swim shorts would be black and his skin would be pale. Skull tank top so I don’t violate whatever nudity rules their might be on the forums. Shirtless ofc for the thirsty ones. Aka tadashi

Perk: Instead of purple lightning from his wands, the bolt is sam throwing a water balloon.
A: Projectiles are water
B: Water/baby blue instead of dark mist and tides flow out from the center to the outer ring.
C: Samwhich gathers a water bomb and throws it at the enemys (does a smol water explosion) and knocks enemies unconscious (sleep debuff).

Maybe @DIMTI, the best artist ive seen, can make a quick five minute effect display/drawing when he has time :easter_happy_1:



I think the robe looks more like really long hair in this


This should be in the museums :star_struck:


I can’t see the water balloon working. His perk is instant with no travel time, so it wouldn’t match the damage being dealt.

True. Then swap the batter balloon with his A and blue lighting for his perk then.

Red, blue, purple balloons. Nice touch, creative!