Summer Party Catherine Splash art



That looks more like her than the rendering of her in the background of SP Fortress’ splash art! Very nice – going to be a must-have skin for me. (I absolutely LOVE Cath.)


That fanservice though…


Sex (and sexiness) sells. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Apple airpods damn



Gotta have that Apple™️ flair in there


i know i’m not supposed to say this…
but i can’t resist…


i’m sorry…


Who are you, and what have you done to socialjusticeeyes?


To get Hazel back unharmed, send 10 Bitcoins to 35g2p4dSsDm3afivw3x5ULab2zDxu4Lsg1:male_detective:t2:


lol. Just when i thought it couldn’t get more Baywatch - like… they change the lifeguard floater / saving device to mirror Baywatch as well.

sitting on the chair? ok… this is insanely similar. lol.



is it just me or does it look like part of the board is missing? i think the first aid kit is supposed to be infront but it looks like the board is close than that outside of the chairarm.


it’s not missing. it just had an encounter with JAWS.


Finally. im sitting with 1.2k of opals this is such a worth it skins after multiple attempts of me buying the NS taka. Also that earpods though :heart: