Summer key

I’ve got the summer key today, so I searched for its use then i saw a post that the chest was on an event few weeks ago unfortunately I dont have the summer chest. I bought 2 BP chest so i could get the key. :sob: What can I do with key now? What to do?

i expect/hope that they’ll have more events with the summer chest as the reward.
(and maybe even for ice)

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you will be able to buy the chest and/or keys later. or you might get the chest in another event.
why would you buy stuff you dont need to get sth you dont know its worth for? thats a tad bit ridicoulus.

The req 10 keys is whats ridiculous…

that as well. 10 times 5h= 50h for one skin that you can buy in a different colour for less than 20 bucks.
this event is quite litteraly worthless

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Is the summer key exclusively for the Skaarf chest? Because I don’t even have a Skaarf chest yet I have a key.

It’s the exclusivity and to be honest SEMC should be putting special watermarks for both the Idris skin and Tabby Skaarf skin because we all know that SEMC are gonna eventually put that out. I’m thinking of like a sun that has “2o18” inscribed in it. It’s small but for someone its gonna make a huge difference…

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At this point, I don’t think SEMC have any real plan … they’re pretty much throwing handfuls of :poop: at the wall and seeing what sticks …

The “Chaos Queue” thing makes me certain of it, actually.

It’s why they haven’t explained how anything works – the chests, the keys, the events, etc. They’re literally making it up as they go along.

Let’s hope that they are realizing what sticks and what doesn’t. The 100 glory event for the Ride or Die skin was a classic example of how to make your people love you and destroy the ones that hate you as was seen in the subreddit as they began rejoicing… If improvements are being made I personally don’t care as long as the gameplay doesn’t get shafted in the process and so far besides the MM which has been bad for a while and the ELO system which became terrible over the last year its :okx99:


Yah, it’s not a terrible strategy, but it is one born of desperation, I think. Still, if they are able to hit upon some ideas that motivate people to play/spend, it may turn out to be a net positive for the game.

It’s really hit or miss. The Skye event was a decent glory dump and a great idea for an event. Personally, I say increase the ante to participate, lower the top prize to a blueprint, and add an option to choose either a glory or essence Reward Fund. Make that permanent and make it a new blueprint every week.

Tadaa. You have a glory dump, a nice substitute for the old glory boxes, something grindable, and another way to get essence. Maybe once every few weeks or so, for the cooler blueprints, make it so you have to win with certain game modes. Mix it up, add some excitement to checking in on Vainglory.

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I don’t get it. It feels like you made the event worse. The Skye event only blocked out people who have less than 100 glory. If people already have the skin then they can just play the event for the glory to purchase new heroes. The skye event meant a lot to new players who are playing this with their friends because they will most likely go against other newer players seeing how VG is 100% growing even if its a little, its still growing. More than half of what a hero costs lol.

I’d like them to have essence orientated events instead like: Get 7 wins for a random legendary blueprint OR unowned epic blueprint OR unowned rare blueprint. Entry fee is 200 Essence and top essence prize is 4k. If you lose you get a message that makes you want to try again and you get 1 epic talent. With an event like that it should be 2 days because people are gonna end up farming epic skins and rare skins. Maybe it should be random epic instead.

But they said the idris skin wont be up for opals. Lets see lel.

I think it said something along the lines of “anytime soon.”

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Not a glory dump tbh, you’ll earn more than 100 glory unless you lose at the first game every buy in. I earned around 5k glory I think? Counting the sinister seven.

@Alhunt I meant as a community, I would argue the Skye event had a lot of people who didn’t care to end it before 10 wins (as the skin was the prize most played for) and still didn’t finish to get the 5.7k glory. Less likely for higher tier but I talked to plenty of people that this is true for. However, I will admit anectdotal evidence is the weakest, so I may be wrong with my word choice.

@SideRaiderr How did I make it worse ?

  • I changed the event to a weekly thing. More time means you have plenty of it to obtain the glory needed to enter, however many times it takes. Also, gets the “SEMC H8S F2P. BRING BACK CARD BOXES” people off SEMC’s back, which they need. It gives older players something to grind AND new players some introductory blueprints and glory.
  • Due to preventing a lot of people from farming skins and SEMC losing their main source of profit, I suggested it drops a blueprint. It is a company and by being upfront about needing skins for money, dropping blueprints is fair and shouldn’t anger anyone (it’s free for crying out loud).
  • Due to the increase in blueprints, an essence shortage, and the need for the game to have a true glory dump, I suggested you can choose between a glory or smaller essence reward.
  • You argued that the only thing locking out people from participating in the Skye event was 100 glory, which I assumed meant you had an issue with me raising the entrance price. Pardon me if that’s not how you meant it, but jacking up the entrance fee to 200 essence is much more limiting that my increased glory price. By making my idea glory to essence base, it introduces a way to rid yourself of excess glory and gain essence OR for newer players, they can choose the glory reward.

@hazeleyes You liked my post. Any commentary on the response? Did I miss anything?

I kinda forgot where I was trying to go with my argument but I just want there to be more variety on fees, rewards, and the type of event it is. Battlegrounds is getting like really really annoying to play.