Summer Chest Key?

So I finished 5 tasks in the summer event (grinded hard with my day off) and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about how to get the key for the chest. I know it says you can get it in an event somehow but I am kinda new to vainglory so idk.

Also if you are curious I got the SAW skin

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ZI honestly not going to participate in this event
Because i think the keys going to be for sale , i dont think the chest opening will be 100% free , maybe they give you max 8 keys and you buy 2 to open the chest , they arent a real playing events , they are a combination of hard grind for f2p players and easy p2w players .

they’ll be available through events,spoils of wars and for $$$ soon.

Nah I don’t think so…
Maybe 8 keys for login in daily and 2 keys if you are rank 8 or above.
They never made something impossible for f2p.


BW Celeste
PS Petal
GW Fortress
Gold Sparkler Skaarf


Add SP Blackfeather on that list too

I have all of those from f2p


In the case of Celeste, Petal, and Fort, I mean the original LE skins. They were only ever available for ICE.

Gold Sparkler Skaarf was only available through purchasing the entire set of sparkler skins. (Though perhaps they’ve made him available through opals now, idk.)

Ahhhh, yea that makes more sense

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golden spark isavailable for 1k opals now

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OMG now I remember, those unique skins only sold once.
Change my mind, this game is P2W now imo :slight_smile:

Mission accomplished. Closing this thread. :ozo:

jk :wink:

SP Blackfeather was rather easy to obtain lol.
Took me 500 ice…

OnLy 500 iCe sounds like a SEMC ad

500 ICE is what I’ve managed to collect over 4-5 months of grinding, including leveling up chests (twice). Maybe for people who’ve played for a long time and have saved more, but recent or f2p players are left in the dust for these kinds of things until stuff is made available in easier to obtain currencies.

Use googleplay rewards and you can buy 1k ice within no time…

No idea what that is. Link me? Also, if it’s not advertised by SEMC or anyone else how are new players supposed to know about it?

It is a standard android function.

Google opinion rewards via playstore.

Apple has something like this too I believe

Not that I’ve ever heard of.

Golden ticket. Never knew of anyone getting it from quest chests, as SEMC stated it was possible. Guess “it was” but with stupid low odds.

I downloaded opinion rewards a while back, got one survey and $.41, haven’t seen any since. I think mine is broken lol, I get that there probably aren’t any surveys for my country but I recently vacationed in Europe and I made sure I had location services on but still no surveys. :confused: