Suggestion to reduce the bad casual matchmaking

Since matchmaking is so bad, and I’ve been seeing high elo people matched with low elo people, I think that SEMC should use the player’s ranked mmr and split the matchmaking into different groups:
unranked to t5 gold get matched together when queuing up
t6 bronze up to t7 bronze get matched together when queuing up
t7 silver to t8 gold “.”
t9 bronze to t10 bronze “.”
t10 silver to t10 gold “.”
this is just a suggestion to temporarily remedy the woes of many players having bad games due to them being matched with ppl in a lower tier than they are. I only say temporarily as SEMC would have to think of a way to get the playerbase numbers up, which in turn gives people better matchmaking and improves it overall.
But tbh folks, you can’t complain about the matchmaking really bad if vg has a small playerbase.

the problem is, most of those groups’ extremes have noticeable differences in terms of skill.
unranked and t5 gold could be a complete newb and someone who’s been playing for a while
t7 silver to t8 gold also has some noticeable differences when it comes to micro, and t9b and t10b are REALLY different (disregarding boosted players)
then youre left with the small pool of t10s to t10g, making matchmaking take way longer for them.
like you said, the playerbase is small

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There are similar rules anyway, just a lot more of them and as we all say and know: the player base is too small nowdays + game modes too many for a good matchmaking.

exactly. I notice the difference in every. single. game i play. when i check vgpro I notice the points difference is as little as 10 elo.

if they’re boosted and all of a sudden decide to go solo, you’ll REALLY notice it.

if you happen to watch Emjaywhy from NA streaming, it’s so damn obviously boosted and if you check vgpro, you can see the great lengths they’ve gone through to boost that account.

Two things about this:

The last week saw the implimentation of chaos queue. Essentially removing all restrictions on tiers and just matching whoever was queueing as fast as possible in casual modes. If you have seen some crazier than usual matches recently that is probably why.

The second thing I always need to bring up is that it is casual matches. The MM is a lot more relaxed to get games going quicker in general, and really should be like chaos queue all the time. No restrictions as it is casual game modes that should be started asap. I dont really see why casual queues need any real balance at all, as generally people play casual to mess around with builds, learning heroes, etc.

Because unbalanced matches are no fun if you’re on the weaker team.

Your view is that of a player who favors ranked matches. There are a LOT of players who NEVER play ranked at all. For them, casual IS Vainglory. If that experience sucks, they’ll quit playing.

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I believe it’s a mind set issue. I approach casuals in a very relaxed state of mind. Each match will have testers and afk’ers, which a bot then takes over.

testers will be doing their thing, checking out the items (standing still). coming up with weird builds, dieing alot in the process.

afk’ers get taken over by “easy” bots. a typical KDA will be very bad.

the people who are playing casuals to actually try and win, are putting unnecessary stress on themselves and then… yes, your statement becomes true.

You would think having such a relaxed approach would equal plenty of loss’s, but on the contrary, I still have a above 50% win rate and have to added benefit of having no stress. try it out~!