[Suggestion] There is no chainsaw hero yet

There is Gauntlets, Lances, Bows, Guns, Swords, Axes, Magic, Magic wands, claws, teeth but no damned chainsaw! There are so many things you can do with a chainsaw hero, it’s crazy, and adding a hero utilising one would be so freaking cool… There is also lots of skin potential, which makes it even better.

Well there is a dev named ChainSAW, does that count?
Also, ChainSAW SAW pls

No, no… No… A genuine chainsaw hero. I see lots of potential in that

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Does the Rona skin count?


Nah, because it’s not her real weapons. I like OP’s thinking, the potential for a true chainsaw hero is there. Ult for example could be something like the chainsaw glory kills from Doom (2016v specifically). Obviously less gory, but the hero could leap towards the target, perform a massive body slash (or one of multiple slashes) applying bleed or mortal wound or something and leaping back.

chainsaw kills in Doom, gore warning


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Mmm how about that for his rework, his A deals more damage but continuous damage over 1.5s. For the animation, SAW has a chainsaw attached to his gun that he uses to cut down enemies (like the one in Gears of War).

No. Its supposed to be a hero, not the Hull of a hero

Locking SAW into an animation seems like a bad idea. His A is pretty much designed as an escape/kill, which is in -> execute -> out. And it’s pointless to have a chainsaw on his gun, since he’s a ranged hero. His style is basically TURRET, or shoot stationary from a distance. This melee aspect is directly contradictory to how SAW plays, and his entire character, actually.

Plus, how would that even work?

  1. The gun was ripped off of an airship. I wouldn’t exactly trust the structural integrity of that thing
  2. How exactly would he swing that entire gun around with a chainsaw with any kind of accuracy?
  3. He’s already slower than Phinn, why would you give him more weight to carry

Do you know the characteristic of the gun behind SAW? It’s a KAC ChainSAW, a light machine gun made by Knight’s Armament Company to be an ergonomic weapon for the US Military. Research and production started in 2008-2009 but sadly production also stopped in 2009 because the US Military rejected it for something more ‘conventional’. It uses the standard 5.56×45mm NATO rounds used in many weapons, notably the M4A1. The weapon is fed from a 200-round belt and can fire in a rate of 550-600 RPM. It weighs around 4.5kg. It isn’t the M134 Minigun which uses 7.62×51mm NATO rounds, fires at 2000-6000 RPM and has to spin up before firing and the lightest variants weigh at 19kg. Sorry but I know guns more than you folks.

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And how do you attach a chainsaw to that thing? A chainsaw is pretty heavy…

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Because it’s fantasy we’re talking here. If you folks wanna go full fantasy so yeah I will.

Lol that’s cool, but my question still stands.

humor me.

Answer is posted right above before you.

Nonono I mean really, if you wanted to attach a chainsaw to a weapon like that, how would you go about it? Fantasy or not, could you do it? You obviously know a lot about these things, and I know that people mount knives and crap on guns all the time.

I’m still more for a chainsaw hero… It would be cool if SAW would be like Malene, where he switches from Chainsaw mode to Minigun mode with his Ult tho

Man I told you it’s a fantasy if you wanna put a frickin chainsaw on it. So TLDR is no.

Dat passive aggressiveness lol… well, dat active aggressiveness tho

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You’re the one who suggested it in the first place, maybe calm down a little.

You calm down too, we don’t need a war, do we?

No war, I was genuinely interested in the idea. I guess he just didn’t want to elaborate ¯_(ツ)_/¯