Suggested topics

why are my suggestions mostly from around 3 months ago?

How do you even have a “suggested topics”?.. all i have is: latest, new, unread and top.

Maybe you haven’t been reading?

Suggested topics (at the bottom of the thread) are based on an algorithm of things… I forget the exact order, but it depends on the subforum you’re currently in, the threads you’ve commented in, the threads you’ve read, keywords you interact with, etc… for Pigstuffs’s screenshot, it’s probably recommending those threads because they’re in the ‘Help’ category, and those are the conversations you’ve read before, but have unread posts in now. There should probably be a check to exclude threads after a certain period of time, but that’s a coding issue at Discourse headquarters. If you go to those threads though, and scroll to the end, you’ll get newer suggested threads to replace them.

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