Sudden spike in hero quality

After the releases of very simple heroes such as Toe Knee, :b: inetic, and :b: ensei, we suddenly get 2 fantastically designed, high skill cap heroes with :b:lanka and Goldclippers (Who by virtue of being new is pretty strong cause his bomb is pretty oppressive). Their kits are simple to take in, but take a lot of skill to use effectively. Also, even if they get a wave of nerfs, they may still stay viable because of how good their kits are (Similar to Vox), so it may look like they won’t have Tako syndrome and be op af in some patches and bottom tier in every other patch. 10/10 these new heroes are awesome!!! Can’t wait to see what comes next after such good heroes have been released


Yeets comes next, and hopefully with the support equivalent of these fantastic new carry/junglers.

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Oh yis if he is as good as :b:lanka and Goldclippers Imma be hype af


Probably another “Support” hero that has either the ability to ONE PUNCHHHH! or a kit that basically makes them unkillable.

So another Grace, Catherine, Tony and Lance…I guest

Kensei has a high skill kit. He has is easy to pick up but long learning curve.


I still can’t play him. I have no idea how people can 17/0/8 with him.

Well Kensei isn’t that good right now(one of the lowest winrates I’m still confused why people ban him) but Kensei use to be OP so you probably played against/with Kensei when he was stronger.

Played against him the other day actually, he was their top lane and jungle, he snowballed us entirely and carried his team with that KDA or similar.

Why do all new heroes semc releases have to be high skill cap? I have limited time to play and i can imagine others do too. So i cant practice these heroes and it sucks to play with them - skye, cp ozo, kensei, blackfeather, lance…
For example ozo. He has alot of damage hidden in his acrobounce for so many patches yet it is impossible to use it. You need an enemy comp with no cc, and they have to be bad. Not to mention the difficulty of using the ability . Why couldnt they make him unstunnable in acrobounce and nerf his acrobounce damage? That damage serves no purpose right now.

Malene is real hard to play and i sucked playing her even when she was op. I read she is now a niche pick for jungle invades. In soloq thats hard and at average mechanucal skill.
Kensei - im afraid to attack gwen and kinetic in open with him. Lose horribly with him. Etc.

With nerfs all these heroes became even harder. Have to play same reliable heroes all the time.

He’s busted. Or at least the Kensei that I play that is.