Sucky day for me :(

I recently got news that my Maltese, Toby passed away. I do not know the exact cause of death, but from what I heard he may have had some kind of infection. If your dog has something wrong like breath that smells like literal death, then get it checked out at a vet. Even if your parents slack on doing that keep nagging them cause the life of your dog is more important than them getting annoyed by your nagging, so don’t make the mistake I did and take your dog’s health as seriously as your own (Even tho I reminded them several times). R.I.P Toby :cry:


RIP Toby :pray:

My condolences, it’s never fun losing a loved one, regardless of who or what they are to you.
Stay strong, remember the VGForums family is always here for ya.

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Dude that really sucks. I have 2 parakeets and would freak when they shiver because it’s a little cold. I keep the heater up for them. I couldn’t imagine losing them, especially when it’s not from natural causes.

My condolences.


So very sorry to hear about Toby – RIP, little guy. I lost my sweet Kira a year and a half ago and know how much it hurts.


Yeah it really sucks. Especially losing 2 dogs in the span of one year…sorry to hear about Kira tho :cry:


Its really sad to hear that. This year has been stupid so far. One of my friend’s sister committed suicide, my other friend lost his father to heart attack, chester benigton(you were my motivation in rough times) and now Toby. It sucks so much. And I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to react to death. I’m just… blank.

I hope you can cope up to your loss.

Damn this year really has sucked hasn’t it. Sorry to hear about all of that man…

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