Such a beautiful game... but

You have done an amazing job. I have always thought VG is one of the most beautiful mobile games. And the 5v5 really updates it to what a moba should be.


After playing a lot of AoV and other mobas which shall remain unnamed I can’t , I just can’t get used to click to move. It makes no sense: you click to move and also click to attack and you have to “put your device on a flat surface and use both hands to play”. I am a couch player, I don’t want to sit by a desk to play.

Why can’t you just add a joypad as an option for movement? It makes so much more sense.

I bet this has been posted many times and this post will be shot down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

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The game wouldn’t work with joystick. Many skillshot heroes would be incredibly difficult or impossible to play.

Item actives would need to move and the UI is already somewhat cluttered

Just keep at it, you’ll get used to it. If you want to play it on a couch like I do, try to keep it on your lap (assuming you play on a tablet). It takes everyone a little while to understand it, but I’m sure you can adapt.


I agree that there are way too many buttons and things in the UI but I think I could probably live with that once I figured out what they mean. I also don’t like that you have to recall to buy stuff or find a “jungle shop”. I played the first bot match and I spent most of the time looking for the recall button or a jungle shop. :smiley:

What would really change when it comes to heroes? You move into position with your left hand on the joypad and attack with your right hand and you could just tap the hero you want to attack.

If you hold your device at the sides just where your fingers become your hand your thumbs can reach the entire screen.

It takes some effort but it is certainly playable.

What does it accomplish though? You click to move and you click to attack so in theory you should only really need to use one finger to play the game.

Well you technically could play with one finger, but it is strongly discouraged. Stutter stepping is very important and if u use skill shot heroes you wanna be as reactive as possible with your movement while at the same time shooting your skill shots. Also, having to buy items at jungle shop or base is a standard for competitive MOBAs. Only very casual MOBAs let u build in the middle of the lane which is a terrible balance choice as snowballs would be near impossible to recover from cause the enemy could constantly be in lane. Having a joystick on the left hand is flawed in design when combined with tap to attack cause since team fights can get heptic, you can have enemies at both sides, but your joystick will block one side and you would have to keep changing the position of your joystick to attack the other enemies. Moreover, it could potentially break heroes like Ringo that would benefit greatly from the insanely easy stutter stepping even compared to the touch and hold controls we have now. A joystick just wouldn’t work for this game. Tap controls are just much more fluid and better designed than joystick controls for MOBAs.


That’s the beauty of the choice… you can always play the other MOBAs. This also goes to the people that prefer faster matches as there are MOBAs designed around that - casual, to be comfortable to play sitting in strange positions, faster matches to play it on the go.

Vainglory is in the middle of serious game and mobile game.

On the topic: A lot of the skills will need to be changed a lot to be usable with joystick + that will lead most likely to easier skillshot landing for the player using joystick vs touch controls = if you wan’t to be competitive, you will need to use joystick controls.

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Ok, I can accept the buying of items as part of the strategy although I have never seen it as lessening the gameplay in AoV that you can directly buy items when you get the gold. People are not always laning - they certainly die when making mistakes etc.

Skill shots, or “abilities” are usually put next to the attack button and you drag them with your thumb and this actually works really well. It is logical to have one finger for movement and one for attacks.

I am not going to give up on Vainglory though and that is because of the graphics. There is no game equal (although AoV comes close) to it.

I smiled a little when the composer for Vainglory was mentioned in an ad. AoV actually has Hans Zimmer and the scoring is awesome.

From what I see, you like AOV more… why won’t you just play it, especially if the graphics come close (that’s not true, VG has a lot better GFX, but it’s important what you think in this case)?

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I do play AoV, but I have always wanted to play Vainglory too. I think Vainglory always had the best graphics and that is important to me as a graphics person.

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Fair enough, just don’t hold too much fate that joystick control would be integrated. Sadly as the other players in this thread and someone who played vainglory for years + some AoV - really don’t think joystick control will fit the design choices of SEMC. They where strictly made around touch controls - from balance, hero creation and the gameplay itself.

If its any consulation you can and will get used to it - just the same as players moving in the other direction can and do get used to the utter weirdness of a skeuromophic virtual joystick control system rather than the straightforward and obvious use on a touch screen of… touching the screen.

My point is - what you are used to can shift and change, with some effort and practice.

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Okay so let me tell you. Dota? LOL? They are the one of the most famous mobas out there. Why? Cos they are fun to play with their complexity using the mouse and hotkeys. Same with vg. VG is the only mobile moba thats closest to any of those PC mobas. Having a movement pad and attacks on the right decreases the complexity and your ability to move your character while using the moves. And its not possible to play with one finger. Ive played VG and ML and AOV as well. Nothing beats VG controls. Ive played close to 5k vg games and i can tell i control my hero better with touch controls than a movement pad. Same is probably the reason why you have a mouse in pc mobas and not WASD.

It’s not really about complexity and more about functionality with the current roster and overall fluidity


Yes, but the joystick hasn’t been implemented. That means it’s not a good idea. Please, stop. I’m not telling this in a bad way but you can stick to AoV if you want.

The fact that you have to be at a shop to buy items makes it so you have to think carefully about when you want to leave your position to shop without losing a big objective. It also makes it so people can’t snowball heavily in the lane since they could either stay in the lane after killing the enemy carry and try to keep pushing with decent items or go to a shop and buy better items so they won’t get destroyed the next lane matchup.

As for the touch controls complaint, the touch controls are much easier on the fingers since you don’t need to continuously have your left thumb being used to move around. The touch controls are much more intuitive since you get to decide specifically what you want to attack instead of being forced to prioritize whatever is in your range and end up missing an important basic attack due to it. There’s also the fact that many heroes cannot be played with joystick controls assuming the same ability layout is used due to them having a really tiny AoE or requires fast tapping of enemies/locations such as Ozo’s acrobounce.

Another concern with joystick controls is the fact that there are active items you can buy in the shop of Vainglory. These items either run down the side of your screen if you are on mobile or on the bottom if you are on a tablet. If a joystick were to be added, it would be interfering with the space needed for the items. Even if they do have some space, you will end up being forced to stand still to end up using your items since you wouldn’t be able to move while tapping on the items.

Trust me, you will get used to it. Given the depth and complexity of Vainglory, which is dedicated to giving a true PC MOBA experience, the touch controls we have now are necessary.


It does make sense, it’s more precise especially for skillshot heroes.

It is unlikely to happen, some abilities won’t work with joystick controls

Ok i don’t mean to be rude but i think you should stick with whatever other mobas you’re playing


Welcome to the ‘real’ moba experience, you’ll either get used to it, or you can go play aov. Everything in vg is here for a strategic purpose, jungle shops are a key part in it to stop uncontrollable snowballs like in both mlbb and aov.

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Imagine SAW without the jungle shops


Interestingly I couldn’t play AoV because of the joystick controls. I first found the MOBA genre through VG and to me the touch controls are completely natural and intuitive.

I always wonder with any joystick controlled game on a touch device, just what the developers were thinking?!

Anyways, I hope you do stick it out because VG is a far deeper strategic experience in comparison to AoV as well as having obviously superior graphics.


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