Style idea for surrenders

It’s really dissatisfying when you’re about to win and the enemies surrender, meaning you get the victory and the elo but not the satisfaction of destroying the Vain crystal. How about when a team surrenders, they lose control of their heroes and the heroes teleport home and destroy there own vain crystal before the game ends, resulting in an incredibly satisfying feeling rather than an empty victory…
Inb4 hipster Skaarf gives me an overly literal title like “I think enemy heroes should teleport home and destroy their vain crystal upon the surrendering of their respective players”


How about double elo loss for a surrender plus 1 5 minute lpq for the one who initiated it


Plus automatic name-change to iGiveUp


I can’t like this idea enough i really cant

You forgot about the banned from ranked play forever… If you can’t bring yourself to finish a match plz go play casual…


Especially since that black box can be the one thing that makes a game unwinnable. It stops quick buy making my time at the store at least double, it blocks my vision, prevents me from tapping , not to mention it tilts me


You guys are a bit too hateful to surrenders lol. Sometimes they just wanna go on to their next game But if surrendering right when the push is gonna destroy the crystal may be a bit annoying


Surrendering a winable game or a game right before you Crystal will be destroyed is nothing but trolling and a surrender in rank shouldn’t exist you can’t surrender the Superbowl

Surrender means they take my Elo without me having a choice. People who surrender can deinstall as far as I am concerned. Happened again today they fought like noobs and were in surrender mentality within 5 min. The game was forfeited without my consent. I lost 16 points on those idiots…

Meanwhile I still had a positive attitude and was playing captain to support them and actually saved them a lot. My thanks? They refuse to fight… Surrender at 13:00…

Surrender should require full consent period.

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Surrender should require 10 votes in ranked or better yet not exist

If surrender did not exist then if the enemy team felt like it they could just taunt you for as long as they want with the enemy team having nothing they can do about it which can be surrendering to end the game. I guess a unanimous vote it reasonable, but removing the surrender mechanic does not really benefit ANYONE

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If taunting happened thumbs down by others will start getting lpq, the low takes you out of rank the more repeat offenses the worse the penalties get

Love all the ideas bahaha, I only surrender if a teammate is trolling or I’m just in soloQ getting steamrolled by 3 pro players, then I’ll admit it’s a waste of time but my enemies still deserve the satisfaction of winning

contrary to the opinion of some, VG is highly balanced with plenty of comeback mechanics, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve hit the “HELL EFFING NO” button everytime the surrender pops up and proved them wrong by actually winning.

it’s not just me. There are countless examples of comebacks from the brink of death and a miserable almost certain failure suddenly becomes the greatest victory you’ve ever felt. that feeling is what drives all good players. Every player should experience it. Then there would be less surrenders.

Honestly, it’s those moments that changes you as a player. you’ll never look at the game the same way ever again, and hopefully, never give up by pre-mature surrenjacution.


If you see surrender in your screen that means something wrong happened
And i understand my team if they want to surrender and just refuse if i see a chance to win or accept if i see no hope , nothing wrong with surrender , we agreed to fight then we see no hope to win we surrender , as simple as that

Some people play different after they see their team want to surrender and make the game winnable , thats because of the surrender they got triggered and wanted to win badley , so its at the end a win came from a surrender intention , like if no surrender there the game could move to the original result (losing) instead of winning .

Long time ago i got 2 bad teammates in 3v3 , they didnt fight together , always someone dying alone , so i decided as lyra to pretend that iam trolling and stay in base but didnt sell my items , but spammed surrender and laugh faces , they put sad faces and they actually for once stayed together , once they engaged in a fight i used my boots and ult to get there and helped them and we won , there is factors here effected the win chance , enemy confidence because they got a lot of kills , my team fear of losing because they thought i was starting to troll .

Vs pro players i would especially not surrender. You can learn a ton from being smashed by an extremely skilled player.

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Gonna sound arrogant here but I don’t lose much to pros when they’re soloQ (I’m top 80 in eu so I’m not too nooby) but it’s more when they’re in a 3-5 man queue and simply outrotate the fuck out of me and my team of strangers- there’s no possible decision I can make to win at that point and I can’t really analyse their decisions because I don’t see the game from their perspective, I just see people getting gangbanged in lanes time after time when we seem not to have numbers advantages elsewhere

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Coordinated team vs soloque sucks yeah…

Sux 2 be you. Had a cancerous match today and we fought till the end.

The problem is that a party of 3 can all surrender…