Stutterstep using emulator and joystick setting?

Ok so bear with me here while I try to explain this. I’m using an emulator to play vain glory. I use joystick mode in game. But…the emulator let’s me click the screen to move with the mouse. So basically I don’t have to keep my mouse (finger if on phone) on the joystick logo on screen. I can tap wherever and thats where my character goes. Pretty cool. So now my question. I’ve been trying to stutter step with my new setup. Is it possible to stutter step with the joystick setting? I think I’m doing it but I’m not quite sure…

by tapping anywhere and your target OR tapping anywhere and the attack button, you are stutter stepping.

now it all depends on how good your Rhythm is in keeping it as effective as possible.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I understand completely. I guess my question is…using the joystick method im using, am I at all limited? Can I still attack faster while Stutterstepping? Again remember, I’m not using the normal joystick, I have it on an emulator so I can tap with my mouse where I want to go.

Also I’m trying to stutterstep like normal people who tap would do it. The only difference is I press my space bar to attack. I don’t tap the target.
So here’s how I go about stuttersteping… I press space to attack, click away with my mouse to move character, then hit space again…repeat… and of course timing. Doing it this way on the emulator can I theoretically attack faster and be as effective as tap controls?

yes, theoretically. you can stutter step faster using that method.

also note that your ping (latency) heavily effects the amount of inputs you can make to stutter step properly.

i find tap controls arn’t so heavily dependant on low ping, which is why i prefer it… but provided you have a good connection, there’s no reason why you can’t be as fast, or even faster than tap controls.

Ok interesting about the ping. Maybe that’s why I don’t seem as fast as some other videos on YouTube…my connection isn’t great right now. But ok, I just wanted to know I’m not limited by my controls. Thanks for the help!

you’re welcome.

i find it interesting that you would choose this method to play Vainglory… it’s such a pain to use keyboard and mouse…

there are just so many abilities that would be hindered by using keyboard and mouse. it’s not really ideal.

anyway. good luck. you’re going to need it.

Yeah I understand. I actually have a touch screen laptop so I should probably just use tapping controls. Still learning the game though… two days into it hahah

oh, nice. i wanted to buy one of those for myself… i wan’t sure if Vainglory would run on it.
Wouldn’t you need to update VG manually?

well, it’s only day 2… so I guess you’ll find out eventually~!

I have an Asus touchpad laptop. Again, I run it on an emulator called memu. The emulator runs mobile games. The emulator takes care of all the updates exc…And yes, for the most part it runs well!

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