Stuck in low rank

I have been playing VainGlory for more than year now and the highest rank I have gotten to is Got Swagger bronze, which happened once. I have tried partying up with guild members or friends, but they too are bad. I once played on my friends Credible Threat Gold account and went 17/3/5. Can someone please give me ideas on how to rank up. My username is Phantom225 SEA.

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I’d recommend watching some youtubers advice videos. Excoundrel does some good ones, and FlashX is pretty helpful at times too. I can find you some, if you want.

Here’s a good one to start with:

And this series by FlashX is useful too


Abuse the meta.
Or after reset of rank, rank fast. Thats what i did and now im om t9.

Like the others said, watch YouTubers and pros streaming on twitch if you have the time. My favorites are FlashX, DNZio, ttigers, Excoundrel, gabevizzle (though he seems to have stopped making videos?). IraqiZorro streams pretty frequently and is an absolute legend, his streams are very educational and he’s an all round amazing guy.

Also watch the preseason, today/tonight depending on where you are has TSM vs Tribe which should be an interesting game. TSM played Tribe in the NACL as well which you can check out.

The point of watching vids is your game sense and knowledge improves, which should be enough to carry you to around T8. Since in 5v5 mechanical skill plays a lesser role than in 3v3, possibly even T9. Beyond that though you need to have good mechanics to climb.

Play more games, I looked you up, your a winning player across the roles but you’ve put in literally no volume.

If you want to rank it will involve a commitment of time on your part!

grind more, abuse the broken meta in 3v3.

Jungle hard carry a team ganking literally most the game forcing them to march to the vain

Some things I would generally say about working on to get out of low tiers are general mechanics, such as utilizing heroes’ kits (both perk and abilities) to their fullest extent, build knowledge, knowing how to properly position, getting stutterstep rhythms down (especially for most WP heroes, but it’s honestly not too big of a deal if you don’t know how to do it properly), etc. Additionally, I would say to use low-tier friendly heroes (those who are easy to play/win with and are good neutral picks with minimal counters). A few examples include Gwen and Ringo in lane, Alpha and Rona in jungle, and Ardan and Grace for roam.

Cp Idris is a pretty good rank booster too

I have know how to stutter step and kite. Problem is I have to pick captain because no one else will go it. Yesterday a WP saw and CP Malene were on my team and none of them would jungle, so as a captain I did it. The saw had over 50 games in ranked by solely playing saw. We lost that match and their builds were really bad. Tension bow on saw?

Glowarm I do put commitment and time whenever I can and if you haven’t taken into account the things you need to do in life like: school, chores, homework etc. I just need someone to queue with me that is low rank and is in the same shoes as me.

Ok say skip captain from what I understand until at least t7 it is pretty useless in rank as most can’t play a captain that can compensate for lower rank. Instead go a 2nd jungle or lane focus on killing everything you can by yourself gank constantly mid game

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OK I will try your advice. Btw what region are you in?

In a lot of cases within low tiers, it’s honestly best to go double jungle (or just jungle, in your example) or go hybrid offense/roam rather than just going full support roam. The higher damage you can provide often outweighs the support a standard roam can provide, as you won’t get too far in low tiers if you’re roaming for players who don’t know how to properly carry.


Na I see you are in Sea so XD

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Thanks, for the video its good quality. I have searched for videos like these, but many of them were bad.

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I will friend you, because you are the only person in SEA I know that speaks English. Thanks for the tip

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Depends. If you’re playing 3v3 it’s better for you to practice on how to solo carry games. That involves abusing the meta and improving mechanics. Watching pros help but playing as often as you can helps even more. Practice makes perfect!

If you’re aiming for a high rank in 5v5, you need equal parts knowledge in macro and an ability to play a set of heroes. Again, watching VODs + practicing often helps. In 5v5, being aware about when and where to move is more rewarding than being able to get a kill, honestly.

Generally it’s a good idea to also have around 10-14 heroes you can play well (8-12 in 3v3) which encompasses all the roles. Knowing which heroes can potentially carry a game is also good.

For example, I’m currently soloing in T9B 5v5. The heroes I can play are: Kestrel, Gwen, Grace, Lyra, Ardan, Celeste, Glaive, Tony, Baptiste, Krul, Idris and Samuel. They cover all 3 lanes, jungle and even support to some extent which is great.


Yeah, I know the mechanics of 3v3 and know how to use a variety of heroes, about 10. Right now I’ll focus on 3v3 because I believe 5v5 and 3v3 is somehow connected.