Hello everyone! I was hoping to start a discussion on my personal favorite item, Stormcrown! With the death of stormcrown Taka brought on in 3.2, I’ve been looking into other ways to keep my favorite item alive. I know it’s mostly built on captains, but I absolutely love building this item on carry champs. I’ve found the most success on champs like Reza, or hybrid Lyra. I was just wondering if there were any other carry or jungle champs to build this wonderful item on?


I’ve seen it on a few CP Alphas but I personally never have

I am not a huge fan of SC, though

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I just love the storm guard passive, I really have no rationale behind it I’m just sort of drawn to it as a concept.

I mean, if you really want SC and are drawn to a sort-of off-meta, look up PON’s CP Ardan build -


Pretty fun top lane

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Best captain first item, it’s not dead for top laners anw

Yeah I was mostly looking for non captain builds including it

I always go this build in the same exact order:
First buy boots and oakheart
Second buy stormguard banner and 2 hour glass
Third buy scout pack
Then i get crucible followed by wartreads and i get fountain as a last item. I turn the scout pack into boosted cam if the game lasts long enough but usually the game ends as you’re building fountain

I haven’t played cp Ardan in 5b5, but I did play quite a bit of him in 3v3 in trioq. I had so much fun. If you can land gauntlets on people’s heads there’s nothing more satisfying.

Hybrid carry Adaigo works well as he does need health and energy

in theory all CP carries benefit from SC, due to the faster farming and gold lead it gives you. You’ll hit your level spikes faster.

The bonus True damage, while not so impactful to heroes, it’s enough to keep lane pressure and eventually bring down turrets sooner.

i wouldn’t keep it for late game tho

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