Stormcrown Taka is dead! Here is something better!

Now to start, I haven’t had a ton of testing done with this build. (I am not the fastest instalocker apperently. Lol)

But from the testing I have done, this build is pretty sweet.

I will try to keep this one short, but no promises!

Starting items: Weapon Blade x2

You will keep the weapon blades aslong as necessary, usually until you start work on your 3rd item. This helps clear speed, as well as some extra basic attack damage.

1st item: Shatterglass

You want to rush SG as fast as possible. Once complete you have a very strong item spike, and can deal loads of damage even without X-retsu.

2nd item: Clockwork

Need some cooldown for the fox to really make him shine! By now you most certainly have all abilities, and your enemies are most certainly in trouble after you complete CW.

3rd item: Alternating Current

This item helps maintain clear speed since by now your weapon blades are useless. The increased attack speed also helps keep bleed on targets, and dishing out more damage between abilities with AAs.

At this point you usually want to grab a piercing shard (if shielding is being built on priority targets) but a heavy prism works with low sheild aswell.

4th item: Halcyon Chargers

Helps keep those abilities up! Because lets face it, Taka on cooldown is a useless fox in a box.

5th item: Broken Myth

Time to finish up that pierce!

Note: You can prioritize BM over HC if the enemy rushes aegis, but be sure to get those chargers online soon after!

Add a reflex block when/if needed, and complete to an aegis last if necessary.


Max A and Ult! You aren’t here to hide in a box all game!

As you can probably tell, this is a pretty pricey build. So keeping up on farm is of utmost importance. Gank when you can pre 6, but it is not a priority over farming. You need your items online to really shine!

One last thing: Why no Aftershock?

As good as AS is, with Takas kit being tuned to require heavier CP, I dont find it as good as an item as using clockwork. Not to mention, we aren’t here to take out high health heroes! We want those sweet sweet squishies!

So there it is! Taka 3.2!

Let me know what you think, and if you can leave some feedback after testing it out.

With how hard it is to lock him in for tests, I could use the help. Haha

Goodluck on The Rise/Fold all!


In his current state he just doesnt have enough damage anymore. Even when you skip CW for more cp and go AC SG BM. His burst from his ult is gone, replaced by only a little bit more bleed. I honestly think they forgot to increase the cp ratio of his ult when they nerfed the base damage lol. AC taka is basically a worser version of wp taka.


Wp Taka kills all… none shall escape~!!!

The king is dead. Long live the one hit cancer assassin! :frowning: