Still Pissed That Da11vd Reza Was Promised For All Platforms

But only released for apple. Where is the justice! (No, I don’t expect anything to be done, but I’m still salty as it’s my favorite Reza skin and I will never get it, so far :frowning:)

In all seriousness, I hope semc doesn’t pull some shenanigans like that in the future. I would have been fine with it if I didn’t get my hopes up that it would be available for all just for the switch up at the end (and to see it in every other game as the standard reza skin just reignites my salt)

That and origins idiris are the only two skins I really still want that I can’t outright buy.

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It was easy to get , just log in with an iOS device , I don’t play Reza but I have the skin in all my accounts .

It was a limited time offer, you can’t take it now on any device.

It was promised? I thought the a11 chip just made it more sense to only be for iOS. The skin isn’t that good nor does it feel smoother than the base skin. It’s like the Red Lantern to the Nether.


Yeah you can’t get Da11vd Reza anymore. My gripe was that they originally said Da11vd was available to everyone, then they said it was a glitch that he didn’t appear for android, then they said he was only available for apple users. I was mad because I wanted that skin so bad, was planning to buy it if I couldn’t get it for free and everything. I still want it but…meh. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t play me on my favorite skin for my favorite hero. I wouldn’t be so mad if he wasn’t the default skin for almost every apple reza user :(:sob:

We recall that differently. They said they had a deal with Apple and any iOS could claim the skin. The Android glitch wasn’t a claimable glitch, it was visual ( Android couldn’t see the skin in-game ). As far as I’m aware, it was always stated that it was iOS exclusive


That’s how I recall the promotion as well (and it was a promotion – after all, the name of the skin is a hat tip to the A11 Bionic chip in the iPhones 8, 8 Plus, and X). I don’t ever remember them promising it for Android.

EDIT: Yup, here’s the official announcement:


I mean what it was required to get him that time just to log in by using iOS device , it wasn’t complicated like idris origin or any exclusive skin , and like others said it was a deal between semc and apple just remember the vainglory ad months ago .

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Nah before that announcement, leading up to the skin, they said the new skin was available for all platforms. At least that’s how they advertised it in game. They only changed it to iOS later on during/after the glitch fiasco when the Reza skin showed up greyed out on android devices.

At least I’m fairly sure of that. Because after seeing the skin in the apple ad and then seeing that announcement, that’s when I got pissed lol. They made that announcement during the glitch IIRC. Fairly sure I’m not wrong but hey, if I am, I am.

In fact I’m almost 100% positive they told us about the deal with apple while they were fixing the visual glitch. That’s what hurt mi soul :frowning:. This was before they even named the skin officially or something. This was when it was just a new Reza skin. Before they made the correlation with the A11 chip.

Sorry, but you’re going to need to show some sort of proof of that, because that’s not at all how I recall things.

I don’t mean that to sound accusatory, btw. I just think you’re mistaken. :wink:


No no you could be right. I take no offense. It’d be hard to find proof as IIRC this was in game advertising, right before & during the glitch & right before the official announcement, like literally a day or 2 before. No way of proof unless I screenshotted when they just released him. It happened really fast. I ultimately don’t hope they rerelease him for purchase but origins would be cool. Along with other non-promotional limited editions, at least in an rng loot box of sorts. I missed out on the beach cath line and just realized how sweet her animations are lately.

One thing I recall is that they didn’t make the link between the dA11vid name and the A11 chip until a little after the ad came out, when they added the ad in game and said to share it with friends to promote the game. That was the sweet spot when they said it was originally for all platforms but then changed it to be for apple. But again, no proof unfortunately.

I don’t think you remember things correct , they didn’t say anything about Reza , they made teasers of the David star in game under the crystal buff treant , then later they announced the David Reza to connect the dots , the whole skin idea is around the ad , you could be right about they probably originally made it as a school days Reza but they changed it to David Reza at somepoint while they were doing the ad with Apple .

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I only ended up with the skin after complaining until someone took pity on me and claimed it for me on their apple device. Forgot who is was but :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: It’s the only Reza skin I have (accidently liquidated Nether BP rip) which tbh is the only reason I used it.

Honestly it’s not even anything special as far as skins go. Its only selling point is really being LE. I was probably among the most salty when they told us it was apple-only. Realllly hope they don’t do anything like that again. Sponsors and partnerships are great and all, but LE skins already leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

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Why the salt tho, I understand that it was a brand or whatever deal with the skin but legit others do the same thing.

• AoV with the Switch Krixe skin
• Fortnite with the Samsung Galaxy skin
• Apex Legends with the Twitch Prime Pathfinder skin

I dont see the point. So what if you dont get it, it was targeted towards one section of the playerbase and thats that. Its unfortunate that the other didnt get a chance to obtain it but thats the point. Its pointing toward SEMCs desirable of promoting their partnership with Apple and the Ad itself AND using any apple device to get the skin.

Maybe Im not seeing the bigger picture but please explain if so…

And I’m the dummy that didn’t just think to do that. Smh.

@LegendaryE Agreed. I know they didn’t call it a school days skin but they did change the advertising for it somehow after the ad came out. Maybe that’s what I’m remembering.

Honestly I didn’t expect this many responses on this post lol. Especially being saltmine. @thace I just want it because it’s Reza, my favorite hero design next to lorelai and SAW. It is terribly bland but…I just wanna whack people with a backpack so…so bad. Lol. Just that one thing would make playing with him that much more satisfying for my poor android self.

@RiseChu speaking for myself, there’s no bigger picture really. Just not being able to smack people with a backpack. That is the essence of my salt. :sunglasses:

Semc tried that before with the summer party phinn was planned to be exclusive for the event , but after the community complained they made it available for everyone , I don’t know why semc listened to the community I thought the exclusive idea is good and make people interested more , but I guess semc probably think about if the decision worth it money wise , so making the skin available for everyone worth more than making it exclusive , so for the apple money , exclusive skin worth more than making it available for everyone .

Again, I don’t think that’s accurate either.

Initially, this was the first official ad for dAv11d ( anything prior was a leak and SEMC can’t be liable for issues in communication with those ). Note that it says stay tuned. Both of these were seen in game with links to the Twitter.

Here you see a sneak peek the day prior, which was not likely in game, as few video sneak peeks are. The next day, the video was uploaded to Youtube and on Twitter around the same time. Note that it already makes the connection between the A11 chip and skin in the first official post about it.

Briefly afterward, it’s explicitly stated that it’s iOS exclusive. This status marked ( roughly within a few minutes or so ) the time the official announcement that @hazeleyes mentioned was made and the time it was added in game. Again, iOS exclusive is already stated.

The only thing addressed about the glitch was the fact that Android users were unable to see the actual skin in-game. The only argument you could maybe make is that you saw the Twitter status, that hinted at but was not explicitly stated that it was iOS exclusive, about the video prior to anything being released in game. After it was in game, everyone had all the information.


I stand fully corrected, with documentation @Moose! That’s exactly what it was! I mean I could still swear I saw something in game but I digress, I think it was just that they made it seem like anyone could get their hands on it with the first tweet like it was gonna be a contest or event and then the next day or whatever the exact timestamp was, they said it was iOS exclusive. I wouldn’t call that hinting at iOS exclusivity lol. That’s what got me pissed. I wished they would have said it was just for iOS in the first place because once I saw the splashart I wanted it.

Also idk why, but I keep thinking he smacks them with the backpack lol. I still want it, but meh, I think it should stay exclusive due to the nature of the skin event. The summer party skins are a little different to me @LegendaryE. I agree they should be exclusive but just to the season and events in that season. I remember when I first started the game I looked forward to the next summer just for a chance at a ‘summer’ skin.

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To be fair to SEMC, they actually made it pretty simple to get even if you were on Android: you just had to borrow someone’s iPhone for a moment and sign into your account. (Or have someone you trust do it for you.)

I know lol. I didn’t think to do that like a fool :sob: