Star Wars: Squadrons - coming 2 Oct 2020

More details:

PC, XBOne, PS4 with cross-platform play! :star_struck:

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I’m fairly hopeful for this with all the nice features like crossplay, VR support, and unlocks being obtained through natural gameplay, and the 39.99 pricepoint is good as well. I hope they don’t mess this up like launch BF2 (although that’ll be hard to top), as it would be nice to see a streak of good SW games for modern systems, I thought Jedi Fallen Order was a great game.

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This is so perfect. My gaming group has a mix of VR players (Kings) and non-VR players (plebeians like myself). So far no mans sky is the only game that’s really great to play together, so it will be cool to have another option.

We are also all really into star wars, are going to pick up battelfront II (2) on sale, so this slots in with us real nicely. Will be the only AAA game I will consider buying on release, though at 40$ it’s not even AAA priced.

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This is where I miss being a “gamer” (I don’t consider myself a gamer as I only play on my smart phone) - I miss amazing stuff like this. Watching YouTube clips of how far the SW gaming saga has come (strictly from a graphics perspective) is stunning. I still believe KOTOR is the best SW game ever, and would LOVE to see a remake of that game with today’s graphic engines.

This game looks awesome. Pew Pew.