Star Guardian 2019 (Dark Star Guardian)

Ugh Riot can’t just take a break on the skins. The project skins just released and now another popular skin line is back!

The anime Sailor Moon inspired team but this year with the twist, are the Dark Guardians who are against the Star Guardians.

(Dark) Star Guardian: Zoe

God the effects down to the creepy sleep bubble sounds. Top Notch as usual.

(Dark) Star Guardian: Rakan & Xayah

10 minutes of both of them roasting everything.

Star Guardian: Neeko

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Will continue to update as they release.

Edit: Xayah and Rakan died. Zoe used dark matter on both of them and turned them evil.

Leaks: Upcoming Prestige Skins.

I absolutely love how when Dark Rakan recalls, it shows him before being turned evil (with a different clothing) and his outfit turns dark as he becomes evil.

Confusing description but ehh, you should look for yourself.

Also love how they implemented lore in game with the recall. Zoes death animation also has lore since the three cores that she took (Rakan, Xayah, and Syndra star cores) is released freely.

Edit: Xayahs recall is her being released from the dark matter back to her (good) star guardian form.

Xayah = Light (Released from Dark Matter)
Rakan = Dark (Becomes the Dark Matter)

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League’s skins are just … amazing …

I bought Bullet Angel Kai’Sa earlier today, and it was so cool that I went back and bought the whole chroma set also … they’re excellent, as you’d expect.

I just now saw Divine Blade Irelia in a match, and holy moly, that’s my next purchase! It’s gorgeous!


Yeah, if you spend your hard earned money - this is far better MOBA to do so vs other… PC competitors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here are the official splashes for the new SG skins for Zoe, Xayah & Rakan, and Neeko … plus Prestige Neeko!


A good look at the in-game models for Xayah and Zoe!


Dark Zoe’s splashart reminds me of a childish yet evil looking Elsa (her face though.)

But did you hear the small outbreak of people who wanted both Rakan and Xayahs light form of the skin to he a chroma?

Music on point again.

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The Star Guardian event is live! The skins are beautiful! (I’m a fan of the SG series, if that wasn’t obv.)


Looks like they got their wish!

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So I bought the SG Xayah skin … and I’m pretty certain it’s the most beautiful one in all of League! You can’t tell from the still screenshots, but it has lots of little animations, such as sparkles and falling stars. Her recall is amazing: the SG symbol appears, and she says, “And now for the big exit …” and grabs it. Instantly, she changes to an uncorrupted SG and returns to base. Back at the base, she reappears as an uncorrupted SG, then quickly turns dark again. Pretty spectacular!

Plus, like all the SG skins, the SG theme plays during the game, and Xayah’s interactions with her little pet Saki are especially cute! The skin has all new voice lines, too!

Just amazing quality – I’m going to have to get the chromas too, I’m afraid. (Sorry, wallet.)


A new Star Guardian story!


wow… lol skins are amazing for real. You pay, but you also really receive something that was put a lot of effort (and skill) into.

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Also worth mentioning is that you can unlock a lot of stuff by just playing. Now we are just more grow up and we don’t have the time we once put into VG, otherwise we could unlock so much in LOL if we played that much as before. Still, even with not that much playing, you still progress and this is super important.

This is very true, and that constant sense of progression makes playing League that much more enjoyable.

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Just played my first match as Xayah alongside a Rakan … OMG :flushed: The special interactions are AMAZING!!! They can dance together, they can recall together, and they talk to each other the WHOLE TIME! :star_struck:

Not only that but they buff each others abilities :minions_happy_t2:

But is this… the end of the Kaisa Hazel train?

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Lol, I’m trying to learn Xayah because she looked fun when my daughter was playing her. (And she IS fun!)

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