Staph nerfing malene for goodness sake

Sorry if I seem really pissed right now and might seem disrespectful to SEMC and Nivmett. But seriously, just stop.

I already made a thread on this and after seeing the patch notes I am honesty disappointed.

MALENE is not OP. There are tons of stronger heroes out their and the players already have learned to counter her. And now her cooldowns were raised again?

It will really make her potato now…

Wicked Escape and Enchanted Transformation were untouched, so she is still going to proc AS every 2 seconds and disappear at the most frustrating times. I disagree that “there are tons of stronger heroes out” there. Kensei and Reza sure. I’m not sure who else excluding Captains fits into the stronger than Malene category for 5v5. The people whose opinion I trust say she is dominant in 3v3 too.

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Can I ask what you basing your argument on?

You realize, I hope, that Nivmett and the balancing team base their decisions on not only feedback from testers and pros (back when there WAS a pro scene, at least) but also on data from tens of thousands of matches. So while the patterns they see in that data may not match your experience with a given hero, they reflect what the larger player base experience is, and they make adjustments accordingly.


As someone who mains malene. Yes it’s frustrating but luckily they just nerfed the cooldown that means the players have to aware of her cooldown before engaging beside AC path Malene is quite good too and left untouch so her abilities are used purely as defensive purpose. don’t worry Malene is still viable and strong pick.

During the first half of the patch I found her rather balanced during the second half (now) I find her completely broken. Midlane Malene who just tries to farm is not the strat. Invading Malene is. Her invasion capabilities are even more OP than Fort. And Fort is supposed to be the invading monster…

malene was and will still be op in 3.5


ah. i feel your pain… but I feel it because I suck at using Malene as well… :sweat_smile:

Looking at the stats and other people playing her, she really does deserve the nerf.

i disagree with Samuel’s DD cooldown increase, even though it is spammable with a CW, the stats even at the highest pro level, don’t lie… he isn’t winning all that much.

She deserved the nerf. Everyone who doesn’t think so was playing her in a lane


This seems to about sum it up. I like Malene, but I play her terribly. I have very little grasp on a lot of mechanical skills (as do most of my rank-mates :vgcheersx2:). I was salty at the nerfs for a while until I realized I’ve been playing her wrong since release and she absolutely deserved them. Anyone who knows how to really use her would probably reluctantly agree. (I say reluctantly because no one wants their one-trick ruined lol.)


Just got done a game vs Malene, Catherine, Vox in 5v5. Anyone saying she doesn’t need a nerf is either a complete fanboy or doesn’t play Malene to her potential.


Jungle malone is literally the most broken thing I’ve ever experienced. Imagine if people played her like that when she was “OP” in midlane…

Okay I agree. But did Vox need a buff?

In 3v3 she is incredibly dominant due to not having the same damage available as in 5v5 to penalize her when poking. In this mode she just activates her barrier and pokes you, while you cant deal her as much damage thanks to the barrier. Also, those who say she doesnt have that much damage lie, early-mid her damage is broken.

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What’s the build? Asking for a friend not really

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Just build two crystal bits and start build Shatterglass, Dragon’s Eye, and Clockwork. You won’t need Clockwork much because since you are rotating you aren’t constantly using her high cooldown abilities. Although if you are seeing more teamfights happening get Clockwork instead of Dragon’s Eye second. Get Broken Myth if your snowballing super hard after CW, if not get SH because SH literally makes it impossible to kill Post Malone.

TLDR: Build two crystal bits, first item SG. Decide when its time to buy Dragon’s Eye or Clockwork. Decide when its time to buy BM or SH. Obviously get boots.


I had a suspicion it was a non-AC or AS build. I’ve seen some pros build this in pro games, but I assumed it was the kind of troll pick they like so much (for example Oldskool playing a lot of CP Adagio mid).

What exactly makes this build so good? Also what’s your first rotation with it? Invade enemy CP buff?

I don’t play Malene at all but here’s my take on it because I’ve been a witness/victim:

AC and AS are both items that have their own significance and both are AA dependent. Malene was the first case in a while ever besides old Vox where it was debatable if AC or AS should be built. The funny part is Malene is a spellcaster she shouldn’t use AS unless if she can get into AA range but that’s only safe to do if you have your empowered AA. AC is just stupid on Malene because it lacks crystal power, she doesn’t need attack speed, and well she already has a CP ratio on her AA. To be honest I never understood the controversy if it should be AS or AC. Both are inferior items on her.

SG does a lot of damage and she has pretty good CP ratios on her abilities, especially that light form A- which is that initial burst. CW is a must have because since she has multiple abilities to use a good Malene will stay active for a while and boom go back to literally doing nothing and then active again. And that is the jungle playstyle. With her upcoming cooldown nerfs she might actually be only viable in the jungle, and pretty damn viable at that.

Invasion wise, she is essentially a free kill onto the enemy team, especially with Glaive. One root boom dead. CP treant is good but you can get your top laner ahead by going with a 4man rotation onto the enemy red and by the time they realize this enemy bot and jungler get sandwiched in. Just hope that your bot laner has good clear though because it is up to him/her to clear fast and clear everything. This obviously required a certain extent of communication so either hope for the best or be on comm. Invading CP treant at this point should be meta in all tiers so I think its a basic invasion that I don’t really need to explain. This is kind of what gives Malene better performance in the jungle rather than the midlane because if I’m going to be honest most midlaners don’t both rotating when there is a river that gives them speedboost and such. You can play anything that can hypercarry in the midlane if you are good at rotating. Even Varya, a late game hero who literally doesn’t come online until late game, should be rotating.

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I tried it out, you’re so right lol she’s broken as a jungler. Invading with her is so easy because even if you get caught out you’re nearly impossible to pin down. Well-deserved nerf indeed.

Malene is not OP? Play her as Jungler, build AS and DE.
100% your top can’t do anything and lose the turret fast af since she is a good diver.

My opinion? They should decrease her DPS and increase root duration, time cooldown on B. That would make her a better spellcaster.

P.s: when I see they recommend AC, I know the dev didn’t know what they were doing when making Malene, lmao.