Spontaneous combustion pedal

I just played pedal for the first time in a long time. What the heck happened with a spontaneous combustion option? It’s not user-friendly at all. No wonder why I don’t see people playing pedal as much as I used to.


It is a targeted skill shot now.

Honestly it works a whole lot better, and makes Petal a little more viable now.


I honestly can’t use that at all. I’m really really unhappy about this can someone please change it back?

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yup, i’ll put petal on the list:

behind bringing back rose trail for BF.


it honestly works much better since you can decide whether to use it to heal or damage


I haven’t tried the healing aspect… does it work on yourself?

pretty sure it works for you and you allies

I’m pretty sure the Damage for the ULT used to be much higher than only 300 + 70% crystal ratio. it seems pretty weak.

Haven’t tried petal in ranked though… but I have the epic talent and it feels weaker.


I had to


The spontaneous combustion pedal is the one on the right, though.


That’s because it used to make all three minions explode at once, so right now it should have ~1/3 of the damage it used to have.

This is really disappointing. Is there any way this can be changed back? Both the power and the ways it’s used? This targeted nonsense is ridiculous. I can’t play the character like I usually do and “target” at the same time. I’m really upset about this.

Please don’t take this wrongly, but have you considered adapting to this change, rather than succumbing to it? It’s really not as bad as you’re making it out to be. You can learn to use Petal’s new mechanical change.

You can most certainly overcome this tribulation you face. Unless there is something that is stopping you?

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It’s impossible for me to play the character like I used to. I just tried several games and failed miserably. Also, it’s not as powerful as it used to be.

this is a common symptom of “one trick pony’ing”… they get so used to a certain play style that it is in-grained into their muscle memory and it becomes a habit that needs to be broken…

we all know how hard it is to break a habit right?

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It is and isn’t especially with gaming. During changes like this don’t think of petal as petal you know but a completely new character sticking to casuals while getting the grips on her.

I played her as a roam , she is good as a healer roam with cp damage
You can play her like grace waiting the ult , so after getting fountain you can build cp and heal from your ult and only fountain when your team need stronger heal .

As a jungler she is strong but as a counter , you cant just pick her in any draft.

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good thing semc doesnt do reworks that often huh

In “reworking” Pedal they destroyed the character. They may as well delete this hero and replace it with something else. It’s really disappointing.

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