Spoils of war chests

So there’s those bronze, silver and Gold chests you sometimes get as rewards in spoils of war, right? The ones that require keys to open, and those keys are also supposed to be given in spoils of war. Is it just me, or are other people having this problem:

Basically I get chests very often, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a bronze chest every 3 or so matches. But I rarely get keys. Practically never. So I end up with this overflow of chests. Does anyone know the drop rate for each type of key and chest?


I have 45+ bronze chests and 15+ silvers. Keys are sold, so you can guess what the chance is to get one by luck (it’s there, but super slim). Especially gold key.

Can you actually buy them to, or are they just part of deals? Also this was just after I bought the battle pass, which gave me a bunch of keys. I had more before, I thought the pass would balance it out more than it did. I suppose I did get more chests from that too.

This was predicted by … basically everyone … when they announced the chest/key system.

I get bronze keys once in a while, but I bet I’ve gotten only 1 silver key and no gold keys as drops after matches.


I’d assume that your chances of getting chests are higher than keys due to rng and the fact that keys are sold. I think @hazeleyes discussed this once, that semc probably uses pseudo-random generators and not actual random generators for things, so they can control probability to a certain degree for things in game. At least I think that’s what he was talking about o.o.


They used to drop pretty often, like some bronzes chest + keys here and there and I was surprised cause that was a legit constant income of opals and glory.
A bit less of silver chests with a similar amount of keys too but they were there.
Then some very lucky ocassions where you could get a good gold chest and then the key after a while…

Nobody discussed it and ppl will disagree, but I’m pretry sure they secretely toned down the odds for both chests and keys for all tiers…

Now for me bronzes are just as rare as gold, silver and gold are just nonexistent… Well… Almost, I get some silver chest is very very rare ocassions but it’s basically still 0 cause with no keys those chests are useless.
With the key odds being at 0% I’d prefer not getting any chests either.

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Why bother having these chests when keys are non existent. I’d prefer getting glory instead of those or being able to sell them…

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I’d like a key drop rate increase myself

Having complained about this, wouldn’t you know I’d get a silver key after the match I just finished. Lol

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Ohe, big casuality, might not get another one until 2020 :oops:

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You watched the free stuff ads hehehe , I did that and got a lot of bronze keys and no chests , I even got bronze keys after matches and no chests and that was sad.

We all expected this when it introduced , even if they were releasing chests and keys together when they introduced them it was like an introduction , giving you a taste , then your body will be the chests , and the keys are the drugs .

Lol i’m curious. Did you watch the free ads? I’ve noticed the better I do in a match, or the better my team does on a whole, the more often I get keys. I do think they tuned down the chance for keys. And skins. And everything really. I remember one match I carried hard as magnus and my team did well. I think I ended the match with a gold key and some emotes lol. I was like ok then…winning well = better stuff? Might have been sinister 7 or something but idk.

This for a player that started with 2 months to go in Autumn 2018. Yikes!