Spoils of war chests & keys drop rates

I feel like out of nowhere semc just dramatically lowered drop rates for all chests & keys from spoils of war (bronze, silver and gold ofc).

Idk, compared to what it was before, it feels like even bronze chests are near to non existent. Rn I have 0 bronze cause I get nothing and while I’m sitting at 15 silver chests and keys are nowhere to be seen.

Does anyone feel this change as well?
As if key to chest ratio wasn’t terrible already, now it’s even worse

Btw, inb4 I get bashed for wanting free stuff and complaining… I don’t want free stuff, I just think it’s both annoying and stupid that semc keeps coming with crap like: “Yay we introduced another halfbaked and poorly copied currency system for you to get stuff and things” and then make it even worse after 2 patches.

It has happened multiple times, skins, opals, sunlight and now this. Nobody wants free stuff, okay? It just looks rather unprofessional and poorly thought on semc to give things and then take away.

semc really needs to stop implementing rushed and half baked progression systems along with desperate monetization attempts and start trying to do sth that could actually work.

If chests and keys (or any other of the things they have introduced) has made them lose money, then why introduce it in the first place?


It’s intentional, after all they also sell chests and keys :slight_smile:

It’s not half baked, it’s the same as with the battlepass - was good two times and now sh*t.


It’s random. I’ve had stretches with no chests and stretches with all silver/gold and few bronze.

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the scarce one is keys… the chest is not. it’s not sold after all.

i doubt they decrease the chest rate. it’ll discourage people from buying keys…

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I have 40 bronzes chest :sweat_smile: ahahaha

Your profile picture is freaky and im sleeping alone in the dark in my room. Thanks for the nightmares in advanced

Watching ads gives you bronze keys , I was expecting a decreased drop chance on bronze chests because of the ads keys , it’s a new system like the summer chest , you think it’s free but in reality it looks free but they sell summer keys.